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All the same - but different!!


Over the past couple of years, yours has done a few overseas trips, and we're always surprised to find how different cultures approach similar things in a vastly different manner. Take toilets for instance:...You would think that a facility for something so basic and as common as 'going to the toilet' would be approached in much the same way almost everywhere - but no, each country has their own way of  "doing things".


The toilet (above left) is your average Ozzie toilet, and I reckon we've got it just about right. It's got a big wide comfy seat so you can 'snuggle' in, switch off, and spend your 30 or 40 minutes each day reading the latest Wheels or Playboy magazine in blissful comfort. It's also got a great big opening down the bottom so all the business can and will safely disappear in the one go. The toilet on the right (above) is obviously designed as a guest's toilet, with its small narrow uncomfortable seat which makes you feel like you're "balancing" on the thing, about to fall off. It has obviously been designed to discourage lengthly attendances which ensures it's vacant for the larger part of its life. It also has a small choke hole down the bottom which always retains some of the business.



The toilet (above left) is from a country that obviously has abundant rainfall. The seat might be the right shape, but the awaiting bowl is half full of water before you start - which leaves you with the very nervous thought that perhaps it might be 'blocked'. One has to be very careful when attending to the standing business as there is very little quiet area down the side of the bowl at which to aim.  Also, when seated, one has to be very careful that one's dangling bits do not become water logged. You'd wonder why they would design a thing like this, a bowl which holds a ton of water has to vacate all that water and the business through another choke hole. The toilet at right is obviously from the Sahara, it has very little water down the bottom and the smallest choke hole we've ever seen. A toilet like this always comes with an accompanying  brush - for obvious reasons.



The toilet (above left) was obviously designed by someone who had a few idle hours to fill, someone who thought he'd bung in a few extra facilities just for the heck of it. Not content with having the flush water come in from around the rim of the bowl, this one also shoots water in from that strange looking thing down the bottom and sets up a swirl in the pan, then just when it looks like the whole thing will overflow onto the floor, it sucks it all out like a big vacuum cleaner.  The one on the right is a classic, it requires great skill and dexterity and a fine sense of balance on one's part in order to complete the business successfully without toppling over backwards and ending up in the business. Obviously designed by a person with masochist tendencies, and best suited to the very young or the supremely fit, we found the only way to comfortably use this facility was to take off one's belt, loop it, then hook one end of it over something in front of you and hook the other end around your neck, plant your feet firmly on the ground then lean back. We definitely don't give this one the housewife's tic of approval.

They say " The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you've started"  So I thought I'd give it a go and have a look around to see all the things I'd started and hadn't yet finished. Today I have finished off a bottle of rum, a bottle of red wine, a bottle of Baileys Irish cream, my super strong pain killers, a small box of chocolates and 6 cans I found in the bar fridge............... And it works, you have no idea how good I feel!!!!

At last - someone has done if right. At last someone has made it easy for the girls to buy a car.........









We think this is a photo of a bunch of 14 Appy bods taken at Laverton prior to a goony bird trip to Richmond, sometime in 1962. We don't know the names, or what the trip was about, can you help??  Click on the photo for a bigger view.

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