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Mick Ryan who was on 24 Appy, which started life in 1970 and finished in Sept 1972, sent us these photos. Mick says he was posted back to Radschool in 1980 and spent three good years instructing ELEC5, Transmitters, Audio Visual, and HF COMMS. 



This photo was taken in 1987 at 11 mile in Darwin and marks the occasion when the last AT26 was switched off. For the uninitiated, the AT26 was a High Frequency (HF) Transmitter of 3KW-5KW output built in the 40's / 50's and was taught at Radschool to the Groundies right up to the 70's. They were the backbone of long distance communications prior to the update to Collins 10KW systems in the 70's and 80's. 11 Mile RTS in Darwin was the last station to use them as they were needed to transmit the weather maps for the Bureau of Meteorology and they were also used to maintain comms with Butterworth. The Butterworth circuit was eventually replaced with the Rockwell Collins HF-80 system. It was installed by the 1AD team prior to the shut down of the AT26 Transmitters.


Left to right are OICRADMAINT Col Rymer, SRADO Derel Wust, 1AD Tass Massie, 2CRU WOMAINT Phil Baldock, 11Mile Mascot BJ, WORAD DAR Mick Ryan, 2CRU Bill Ford, SNCOIC 11Mile RTS Tony Wade.


RAAF Ballarat Reunion


ALL members who served at RAAF Ballarat at any time during its existance from 1941 to 1961 are invited to a reunion. See HERE. The reunion will be held from 27th Feb 2008 - 2nd March 2008. Bookings need to be made as they already have more than 70 wishing to attend. Contact either Phillip Marsh, Jim Owens or Doreen Marsh through radschl.reunion@gmail.com or you can ring Doreen Marsh on 02 9560 8486. 



The Bones


The photo below, also sent in by Mick Ryan, and is of the Army and Radschool Lawn Bowls Teams for the 1983 'Bones' competition, The Bones was an annual sporting event played between the Army Survey Regiment in Bendigo and the School of Radio. Mick thinks two trophies were struck called the 'Bones of Contention'. A big bone for the traditional outdoor sports and a little bone for the indoor sports i.e. Darts, Snooker, Quoits etc.  The competition started when Radschool was located in Ballarat and continued on when the school moved to Laverton.  The venue would alternate between Bendigo and Laverton each year.


Can anyone provide a name or names for any of the faces below and what ever happened to the (Bones) Trophies.


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