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BBQ Tips


The best beef cuts for grilling on the barbecue include:




Oyster blade or barbecue steak






Sirloin (also called Porterhouse)








How to cook the perfect steak.



To prepare:

Heat the barbecue until it is really hot. Place a dish with some oil in it next to the barbeque. Season both sides of your steak with salt and pepper. Dip one side of the steak into the oil, then place the steak onto the barbeque, oiled side down.



When cooking:

Only turn the steak once during cooking, it will dry out quickly if it is continually turned. Turn once the bottom of the first side is crispy and brown and it starts to 'bleed' on the top. The time it takes to cook steak will vary depending on the thickness and cut of the steak and how it is preferred. Follow the ‘Rule of Thumb’ to check if your steak is cooked to your liking rather than piercing with a fork or knife which will allow the juices to escape.



The Rule of Thumb:

Take one hand and hold it up loosely. With your other hand poke the thick part (the pad) of the thumb to get the feeling of rare steak. Bring your index finger to your thumb to make a circle. With the other hand, poke the thumb pad again to get the feeling of a steak that is medium done. Bring your middle finger to your thumb to make a circle and poke the thumb pad again to get the feeling of well done steak. Prod your steak and judge with this method whether your steak is cooked to perfection.



After Cooking:

Once the steak is cooked, cover it with foil and place it in a warm spot close to the barbecue to rest before serving to maximise juiciness and flavour.



Marinade tips:

Raw meat should be handled carefully to avoid contamination by bacteria. Don’t mix two different kinds of meat, like chicken and beef in the same marinade. Use different containers for each type of meat. If you want to baste meats and vegies with marinade while you’re cooking, make sure to set aside some marinade for this purpose when you make the marinade. It is recommended that you should never use the marinade left in the container that held the meat for basting (though most of us do).



Remember that marinades that have a high sugar content, like tomato sauce, honey or sweet chilli sauces will have a much quicker burning temperature than those with lower sugar content like beer, wine, vinegar or soy sauce based marinades. Try using quicker cooking cuts of meat like chicken, shish kebabs or fish with high sugar marinades so that they don’t stay on the barbie as long. Or instead of marinating thicker cuts, like steaks, in high sugar marinades prior to cooking try basting closer to the end of cooking time.



Try marinating in large plastic bags instead of containers. It makes coating the meat easier and eliminates stirring, all you have to do is give it a shake. The key to a good marinade is a balance of flavours. For every hot ingredient, add a mild one. For every sour one, add a sweet one.



BBQ something other than steak and snags…



Potato wedges:-

You can cook potato wedges straight on the barbecue. Sprinkle with a little olive oil to make sure they don’t stick.


Garlic bread:-

Slice a French stick, spread with butter and crushed garlic and wrap with several layers of aluminium foil. Pop on the barbie until the butter melts and the crust turns crispy. You can also use the frozen pre-packed garlic breads too.



Wrap a whole small soft cheese like Brie or Camembert in several layers of aluminium foil and place on the barbecue until the cheese starts to soften, melt and turn runny. Serve with chunks of bread toasted on the barbie, raw vegies or crackers.



Try barbecuing fresh corn on the cob in its husk to savour the tasty, juicy flavours. Trim excess silks from the end of the husk and place in a deep bowl. Cover with water and soak for at least 2 hours. Shake off excess water and put the corn on the barbie for 25-30 minutes turning every 10 minutes. Peel back the hot husks carefully and serve with butter.


BBQ Baked Potatoes:-

Pre-boil some large potatoes in their skins the night before your barbecue and refrigerate. Cook them until they are just tender. When you’re ready to barbecue halve the potatoes lengthways and crossways, brush with oil and place on the barbie cut side down for 5-8 minutes or until the skin goes crisp and golden.


Garlic Mushrooms:-

Mix butter or margarine with crushed garlic. Thread even sized mushrooms or mushroom pieces

onto skewers and place on the barbecue turning frequently. Brush with the garlic butter mixture until the mushrooms are sizzling and tender.


Barbecue egg omlettes:-

Mix eggs in a bowl with a fork. Add whatever flavours you like. Try grated cheese, finely chopped onions, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms or capsicums. Pour into non-stick or greased metal muffin trays and place on the barbie until the eggs are cooked through. You can prepare the egg mix before you leave the house and chill in the esky until you’re ready to cook.


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Bar-b-q recipes                            Beef and Mince    Chicken    Lamb    Pork    Seafood    Vegetables