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Baked bean and sausage casserole.


1½ kg thin sausages

2 tablespoons oil

2 onions, sliced

2 teaspoons curry powder

440 gram can baked beans

445 gram can Italian cooking sauce

1 table spoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce


Prick sausages well with skewer, place in large pan, cover with water, bring to boil, then simmer for 10 minutes—drain. Remove skins from sausages, cut in half.  Heat oil in pan, cook onions and curry powder until onions are tender, add sausages, baked beans, Italian cooking sauce, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, bring to boil, simmer 15 minutes.     4



Curried sausages.


750 gram thick or thin sausages

2 onions finely chopped

30 gram butter

1 clove garlic, crushed

3 tablespoon curry powder (to taste)

2 tablespoon plain flour

3 teaspoons tomato paste

2 cups water

1 beef stock cube, crumbled

400 gram can sliced pineapple

½ cup sultanas

½ cup frozen peas

salt and pepper to taste


Immerse sausages in water in pan and bring to the boil, simmer for 5 minutes, strain and rinse in cold water. Slice sausages into 2-3 cm lengths. Melt butter in frying pan, and fry sausages until golden brown. Remove and keep aside. Strain pineapple, discard juice. Add finely chopped onion and crushed garlic to pan and fry over low heat until onions start to brown. Add stock cube, curry powder, flour and tomato paste and heat for 5 mins, stirring. Gradually add water, bring to the boil, stirring constantly. Add salt and pepper. Return sausages to the mixture, add sultanas, peas and pineapple, simmer for 6-8 minutes.



Sausage and bean casserole.


1 kg thick or thin sausages

310 gram can butter beans

300 gram can red kidney beans

2 onions

125 gram bacon pieces

455 gram can tomato soup

¼ cup water

1 green capsicum

1 small zucchini

1 tablespoon chopped parsley


Drain beans, rinse will under cold water, drain well. Cut onions into wedges. Fry or grill sausages until golden brown. Sauté onion and chopped bacon pieces until onion is transparent. Add beans, tomato sauce and water, stir until mixture boils, add sausages. Reduce heat, simmer covered for 15 minutes. Add chopped capsicum and sliced zucchini, cover, cook for another 5 minutes, stir in parsley.      4



Sausages with onion gravy.


1 tablespoon oil

1kg thick or thin sausages of choice

3 onions, wedged and separated

3 tablespoons plain flour

2½ cups water

2 beef stock cubes, crumbled

2 tablespoons tomato sauce

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper to taste


Heat oil in medium heat frying pan, lightly cook sausages until golden brown, remove and set aside.  Turn up heat, add onion and toss until starting to brown, add flour and toss until flour taken up by onion. Remove pan from heat, add water and stir until combined. Return to heat, stir until sauce boils and thickens. Add stock, sauces, salt and pepper and stir until all combined. Reduce heat, add sausages, cover and simmer for 30 minutes, serve with vegetables of choice.     4-6



Sausages with pea and bacon mash.


olive oil

3 bacon rashers, chopped

8 (640g) thick beef sausages

2 medium (300g) onions, sliced thinly

1kg potatoes, peeled, quartered

1 cup (250ml) milk, warmed

40g butter

salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/3 cup (60g) frozen peas


Add bacon to a heated frying pan, cook until browned and crisp; remove. Heat oil in same pan, add most of the onion and the sausages; cook until onions are soft and sausages are cooked through. Meanwhile, boil or steam potatoes until soft; drain. Mash potatoes with milk, butter, the rest of the onion (finely chopped) and salt and pepper to taste. Boil, steam or microwave peas until just tender; drain. Mix peas and bacon into mash. Serve mash topped with sausages and onion.      4



Spicy baked sausages.


8-10 thin sausages

½ cup tomato sauce

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

2 teaspoons dry mustard

2 tablespoons vinegar

¼ cup 1 tablespoon brown sugar


Combine all ingredients. Place sausages in oven proof dish, pour sauce over sausages, cover, and bake in 1800C oven or 20-25 minutes



Stuffed sausages.


30 gram grated cheese

1 tablespoon shopped parsley

8 thin sausages

8 long bread rolls

2 tablespoons oil


Combine cheese and parsley and mix well. Heat oil in pan and cook sausages, turning occasionally. When cooked, split down the middle and fill with cheese mixture. Make cut in each roll, place 1 sausage in each, wrap in alfoil, and place back on pan for 5 minutes.



Tasty sausage casserole.


1 kg thin beef sausages

3 onions, roughly wedged

1 tablespoon chicken stock powder

40gr Devilled Sausages mix

2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

2 medium potatoes, roughly chopped

440 gram corn kernels, drained

425 gram pineapple pieces, undrained

425 gram champignons, drained

large carrot, sliced

1 tablespoon pepper

2 teaspoons salt

3 tablespoon tomato sauce

400 ml water

1 tablespoon sugar

½ green capsicum, coarsely chopped

2 tablespoon mixed herbs

1 cup sultanas

½ cup frozen peas


Heat 2 tablespoon oil in large pan, fry onion until soft and opaque, add carrot, spices and capsicum and stir. Separate sausages and cook in microwave oven on high for 3 minutes, remove allow to cool, slice into 10cm pieces, add to pan. Mix Devilled Sausage mix and chicken stock with water, add to pan. Add remainder of ingredients, stir and bring to boil, cover, simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve with mashed potatoes.     6



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