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Clive Cotter

Viv Robertson advises that SQNLDR Clive. F. Cotter (right) passed away, peacefully at home, on the 4th July. His funeral was held on Friday, 10th July at the Baptist Church in Belconnen, ACT.


Following a morning tea at the Church, Mac Weller organised a wake at the Southern Cross, Wests Club, at Jamison.


A tribute was in a recent copy of the Canberra Times. See HERE.





Kevin Cragg advises that Marty Wilson, who was a Radtech G at Butterworth and Williamtown in the late 70's, passed away on 15th July. His funeral was in Newcastle at Macquarie memorial park on Friday 24th July. Marty had been ill for some time and was only 59.




Ray Thompson advises the passing of John Amos Smith who, he thinks, passed out of Ballarat with 35Telegs. It is thought that John passed on approximately 2 months ago and unfortunately, no further details are at hand. Ray says many will remember that John used to play the trumpet.  He served 6 years with the RAAF then joined DCA.




We heard from Chris Simmonds who advises us of the sad news that Ed Simmonds passed away at 7 pm on the 30th July in Port Macquarie after a heart attack the previous Saturday. Chris says “I am sure you all know how strong and determined Ed was - unfortunately the damage to his heart was too extensive. He died peacefully with his immediate family around him.”




Ernie Gimm advises, with regret, of the passing of Ray Cowburn. Ray passed away on Tuesday morning, the 18th August. His funeral was held at St Mary's Basilica in Geelong, Vic on the 24th August 2009. Laurie Lindsay says of Ray, “He was a big redheaded, rough-as-guts Squadron Leader and BRadO at Laverton when I knew him. Bloody good bloke”  Kingsley McRae remembers Ray when he was OIC of Apprentice Squadron around 1970, and Kingsley believes he was also UCIO (unit counter intelligence officer). He says:  “He was very popular with the apprentices as he would back us up should situations arise with the establishment which they did all too regularly. I was pretty wet behind the ears and he sure taught me a few tricks.  We were being harassed by the Admino of Radschool over some minor matter and Ray thought it was unfair. So off he went to Headquarters and charged into the Admino’s office. I think the Admino was called Henry. Ray could not get him to agree so he started ratting through the Admino’s filing cabinets. The Admino became outraged and wanted to know what Ray was doing. Ray said , "well I am the unit counter intelligence officer and I am checking all your files to see if there is something you shouldn't have!"  Whatever it was, he got it fixed.  He had a lot of respect from us wee lads.  


Brian Graf says of Ray:  “I was at ARDU in the mid 1960's and Ray was at Radio School. I think he was an instructor there but I most remember him as the officer in charge of the 'poolies' ie the pool of trainees waiting for their courses to start. Ray used them to develop the golf course at RAAF Laverton over a period of a few years. He was instrumental in establishing the course as a Base asset.  I also remember him as a keen golfer”.


During the 1950’s, Ray was stationed at “Remote” Momote on Los Negros Island (in the Pacific) where he was attached to the RAF which was carrying out a series of H bomb tests. During this time he was exposed to radiation on many occasions and this caused him to suffer bad health in his later years.





RG Thompson advises that he observed the following in Monday’s (24th Aug) Courier Mail's Funeral Notices:

 Ray Cowburn

John "Junior" CONNOLLY  BEM (right).  Formerly of Bald Hills, Qld, passed away at Armidale on the 18th Aug 2009.  His Funeral Service was held at the Pioneer Village Country Music Hall, at Old Petrie Town (just north of Brisbane) on Tuesday 25th Aug. Junior was a former Teleg who served for some time in Townsville and "Frognall." He was certainly well known, well liked and respected  by all those who served with him at Ballarat and later at MTU during the 50's and 60's. From 1957 to 1960, while posted to Townsville, he was awarded his BEM to recognise and acknowledge his distinguished military service of a non-combative nature. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him and we extend our sympathies to his family.




Steve Hartigan advises the passing of our friend and colleague Arthur Lowe. No details are available on the cause of death but Arthur’s Funeral Services was held on the 26th August 2009 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, State Circle, Forrest, ACT, following which he was buried at Woden Cemetery in the ACT.




John Sambrooks informs us, with deep regret, that Athol Hatten passed away on Saturday 22 August.  Athol's funeral was held at St. Peters Church in Coolum on Friday 28 August.  Sambo and John McDougall attended and said there were approx 550 to 600 people at the funeral followed by a guard of order outside the Coolum Bowls Club. Sambo says it was interesting to hear about Athol’s life, his many achievements and his time in the RAAF and after discharge. We all extend our deepest sympathies to Anne and her family. 




Steve Howie advises that James (Jim) Hainsworth (FSGT ENGFITT Ret) passed away peacefully on the 3 Sep 09 after a short illness. Jim’s funeral was held on 8 Sep 09 at the Clarence Town (NSW) Presbyterian Church. Unfortunately, no further details are at hand.



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