Million dollar view from the Hobart resort
The southern resort - near Port Arthur.
Where we saw all sorts of wild life - even an echidna.
The waterfront at the southern resort.
Eaglehawk neck
Tessellated pavement
Pirates Bay - Lufra
Entrance to Port Arthur.
The "old" Broad Arrow cafe, shop, reception building, where Martin Bryant went berserk and murdered 35 people and injured 23 others,  back in April 1996.  He was sentenced to 35 life sentences + 1,035 years - without parole. (See HERE)
The Church - Port Arthur.
The interior of the church.
Harbour cruise ferry - out to Point Puer boys' prison and the Island of the Dead.
The Penitentiary, Law Courts and Hospital looking from ferry terminal.
The Penitentiary.
The Penitentiary and the harbour.
The Penitentiary with the Law Courts in the foreground.

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