1 February, 2008
Volume 20

The long-awaited review into Military Superannuation Arrangements was publicly released by the Hon Warren Snowdon MP, the new Minister for Defence Science and Personnel, on 24 December 2007.


The report was commissioned by the previous Howard government which, for reasons best known to themselves, refused to release it. The Rudd Government will provide an opportunity for public comment about the review’s findings and recommendations and will consider its attitude to the report after the consultation period, which concludes on 31 March.   more.....  

Thanks for your response to our request for material - it was great, but please this is not the time to rest on your laurels, now that you're in the mood all you have to do is keep it up, keep on sending in 'stuff' so we can continue to 'churn' out the RAM.


But, once again, it's the good old reliable blokes that are doing all the work, where are the girls???? As Johnny Matt knows, there were a bunch of girls in the RAAF, and surely they have a heap of stories to tell and you can bet we'd love to hear them. Come on girls, get your fingers to the keyboard and let's hear about your time at Ballarat or Laverton or Butterworth or any-where. Surely you have some funny stories to tell (ones that are printable anyway), surely you have some old photos tucked away somewhere, surely your memory's not that bad that you can't remember those 'good old days'. We're looking forward to hearing from you.


We're still getting quite a few bounces when we do a bulk email notification that the latest edition is available. It seems quite a lot of your Spam filters don't like us, so please "tell" your Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, your Gmail or Yahoo or whatever email handling software you use that "radschool@yahoo.com" is a friendly.


We use Microsoft's FrontPage 2003 to prepare these pages (we had 2002 but upgraded to 2003) and we've since discovered (or Sam Houliston discovered it for us) that FrontPage 2003 also leaves a bit to be desired. If you're using anything but MS's Internet Explorer to read these pages, you'll find that for some of the pages, the formatting does not seem quite right. We're sorry about that but at the moment there's nothing we can do about it. Microsoft have finally realised that FrontPage is a bit of a dud and have ditched it and introduced a new web authoring program called Expression Web. We've got a copy, now all we've got to do is learn how to drive it.  Perhaps next issue????

Kevin Erwin, ex RAAF and  who was with 10 Sewerage in Vietnam from Oct 67 to Apr 68, is the president of the Australian Veterans Vietnam Reconstruction Group (AVVRG) which has, since 1990, provided humanitarian assistance and poverty alleviation for the peoples of Vietnam. They need your help.  more....

This edition we're lucky to have a new contributor. Frank Alley, who a lot of us will remember taught pulse, the APS31??and a few other things while we tried to come to grips with oscillators, wave guides, square waves and the like. We're pleased to say that Frank has agreed to be a regular. You can see his story on page 9.

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