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Vol 24

August 2008

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Unfortunately, since our last edition, we have lost some more of our good friends.


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Sam gives us a handy Excel tip, sorts out the differences in DVD media and bungs in a couple of Windows tips for good measure.


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Peter Holmes and Peter Nelms tell their individual stories.


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Globe trotter extraordinaire, Ted Mac, takes time out from his hectic European fact finding tour to pass on some more good stuff.


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Frank tells of his transfer from the cosy air-conditioned world of the classroom to the real world of the wind swept tarmac.


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We reflect back on RAAF Rathmines and the Calalina aircraft that lived there.


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A few of our mates are crook and could do with a bit of a gee-up.


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David Marr reminisces on the good life enjoyed back in the 60's at the RAAF's Asian holiday resort, Ubon.


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Ken Corkhill looks back on when he and others spent time in the US learning all about the F111.


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Many words of wisdom are unleashed as you have your say.


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The response to the suggestion of holding a reunion sometime next year received a less than luke-warm reception with 15 people only responding to the questionnaire. It doesn't look good!!  Anyway, we'll give it another try, so, if you would like to attend a reunion next year, please go to the questionnaire which you will find HERE,  fill it in and return to us.


We'll let you know the results next issue.


We're still waiting on one or more of the girls to get in touch and tell us about life as a WRAAF, tell us some of the things you used to get up to, about bed checks, about being Orderly WRAAF and all that disciplinary stuff that wouldn't be accepted today.


Come on girls.....let's hear from you!!



Our new membership application is now on the web and membership is free. You can access the form HERE. If you haven't already done so (and quite a few have) we ask that you take a few minutes and fill in the form and return it to us. It can all be done on line, no need to print it out - no need for stamps...just fill it in and click. Now that we have a few forms back we have started to rebuild our membership list, which you can access HERE.  If you've filled in and returned the form, please check the site to ensure we have you included.


Remember - In accordance with our privacy policy, none of the information you provide us will be passed onto anyone without your prior approval.




It seems that at long, long last, people are starting to wake up to and question the "greenhouse-gas driven" climate change farce that is being perpetuated by an acqiescent and unthinking media. Climate change is a natural cyclical phenomenon that has been occurring naturally since the birth of our planet and to even think that humans can and have accelerated this evolutionary cycle through the generation of CO2 is, in my opinion, preposterous.


For some unfathomable reason - carbon has now become the bogey man and greenhouse gas driven climate change has become the new religion where reason and enlightened debate has been squashed by an unquestionable faith and belief in an un-proven and fabricated doctrine.


People are, (in a lot of cases - deliberately), confusing and coalescing polution with climate change. Everyone is against pollution, no-one wants to live in a pig sty, but the two are NOT connected. Over the past 20 or so years, both China and India rapidly entered the modern age and in that time have produced countless tonnes of pollution but has that had any affect on the planet, apart from making it a lot harder to see the sky and perhaps killing off a bunch more animals??  Of course not!!


To suggest that pollution causes or accelerates climate change is the stuff of delusion. There is absolutely no credible scientific evidence to suggest it is so.


While it is an indisputable fact that the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased from 0.031% in 1960 to 0.038% today, increasing a small number by 22.5% still leaves a very small number. What is also an indisputable fact is the earth has not increased in temperature in the last 15 years, in fact, temperatures measured from space actually indicate a slight decrease.


It is interesting to note that the term "Global warming" has recently been dropped by the pious climate change clerics in favour of the media supported yet completely unsubstantiated new-age climate change doctrine.


What is even more preposterous, is to suggest that unless we Australians curb our ways, we, who emit a paltry 1.4% of the world's so-called climate changing greenhouse gas, are all doomed - regardless of what the US, China, India and the rest of the world do. There are plans afoot for us to pay an horrific economic price for this intransigence in order that the rest of the world can be saved.


What a lot of hog wash!!


Another bicentennial bug??  - I think so!!


That's my opinion - what's yours??


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