Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 24

Page 11

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Sick Parade.





Peter Nelms is, unfortunately, another ex Radtech with diabetics. He was diagnosed in 2003 with Type 2 diabetes and has been on tablets, diet and exercise since then; but recently he became insulin-dependent and his endocrinologist now suspects he is Type 1.5 or LADA. See HERE.


Peter was not aware how common Diabetics was in the radio world and suggests everyone suffering the disease should complete Ernie Gimm’s survey which you can find HERE.  Peter suggests it’s important to fill in and return the survey so that any possible connection between the disease and working in a RAAF com-centre and/or on radar equipment can be established. Ernie's email address is gimms@internode.on.net



Janet Jordan, joined the WRAAF in 1971, and after a stint at Wagga learning the bits and pieces necessary to become a Clerk, was posted to 2AD at Richmond where she stayed for a little while and was then posted down to Base Squadron Laverton then over Geelong Rd to Base Squadron Point Cook and finally she spent a number of years at the old men’s home at SupCom on St Kilda Rd.


Unfortunately, Janet has not been all that well and has had several operations over the past months and went into Hospital again on Thursday 17 July for an operation to have some nasties removed before they developed into a cancer. She expects that this operation will lay her up for about 6 weeks.  We wish you well and a speedy recovery Janet.




John Broughton went into hospital in Newcastle on the 30th July to have (he hopes) his crook ear fixed. Many years ago, John was at Amberley where, in 1967, he developed tropical ear which resulted in a mastoidectomy at Greenslopes hospital. Then, without regard to the medical specialists’ recommendations, he was posted to Darwin where the problem got a million times more worser so in 1968 they had to medivac him back to 3RAAF hospital at Richmond. (He’s now the only bloke we know that’s got a 1 speaker stereo - tb)


Over the past year or so, John says his head has felt like it’s half full of water, he gets this continual sloshing feeling. He had to battle DVA to have them accept responsibility for the costs of this procedure and finally they agreed to pick up the tabs.


We hear the recent operation went well, he’ll be laid up for 2 months while the ear re-grows on the inside, but only time will tell if things are going to be any better than they were. Heaven knows, that old stereo just might need another speaker yet. We all wish you well mate – and the Pure Blondes await……



Peter Holmes, from sunny Burnie in Tassie, hasn’t been too well lately. Last March he was admitted to hospital after 4 days of passing blood from places one normally doesn’t pass blood. After several days of intense tests, he was given the bad news that the surgeon thought a part of his bowel had died and would need removal. We understand that Peter is still undergoing various tests and should know the final prognosis shortly.


Only recently, they removed a melanoma from just above his right ear. We wish you well mate, and a speedy recovery.



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