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In Vol 21 we had the passing of Ray “Chubby” Chandler and not personally knowing Ray we found and ran this photo of “Ray” which features on the AWM web site. We said, as does the AWM site, that Chubby is the bloke second in from the right. Unfortunately, we (and the AWM) were wrong.


Fred Robinson, who knew Chubby well, has pointed out that Ray is in fact the bloke on the right, and that the bloke (2nd in from the right) looking at us is John Currie who was a general fitter and who later went on to become a WOD.


Thanks Fred, Vol 21 has been corrected and we apologise if this has caused anyone any embarrassment and/or grief.


114 MCRU.


Howie Campbell, who is the Secretary of the NSW Radar Branch of the RAAF Association, wrote to fill in some gaps in our story on 114MCRU. He says,


“114MCRU was formed during WW2 and in March 1944 was renamed 114 Mobile Fighter Control Unit. It was disbanded at Williamtown on the 1st April 1948 but was reformed on the 24th January 1949. On the 12 March 1956, it was renamed No114 Mobile Control and Reporting Unit and on the 14th November, 1956 it was relocated to 2SD Det D which was at RAAF Dubbo (below).


Shortly afterwards, it was posted to RAAF Butterworth, where it became operational on 19th August 1958. After distinguished service in Malaya (Malaysia), the Malaysian Emergency and the Indonesian confrontation, and support for RAAF Aircraft out of RAAF Ubon in Thailand, the unit was again disbanded at RAAF Butterworth on 31st October 1966.


On 1st April 1968, the unit was reactivated at RAAF Amberley. The unit was awarded the "Queens Colours", being the only non flying unit to be awarded a Squadron Standard


114MCRU is still an operational unit, and although based on RAAF Darwin, it is currently serving in Afghanistan.”


You wonder who names these units, why 114MCRU? was there a 113MCRU? a 112MCRU? or even a 1MCRU? - tb



One day, a man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very sexy nightie.

'Tie me up,' she purred, 'and you can do anything you want.' 

So he tied her up and went to the pub.



114MCRU at Amberley in 1979



When you travel by air, and you lock the zip(s) on your suitcase, you probably think that everything inside the case (or port, depending on where you live) is safe and secure. Well, think again. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get into your suitcase, nick one or two of your valuables, relock the case and no-one would ever know.






Some blokes have made a scale model of a B29. It is powered by four chainsaw motors. You can just imagine how much time, effort, skill and money these blokes have put into this thing. This is a large file and will take a minute or two to download.


Have a look





Just a reminder about the Communicators Reunion in Canberra in September – see the flyer HERE





Rod Faux send us this, it shows a Canadian Forces Reserve bloke, who flies EMS choppers in civilian life, setting the back end of his Chinook on the fragile roof top of a shack, on a steep mountain cliff, somewhere in Afghanistan, while soldiers load wounded men into the rear.



Rod reckons if this doesn’t impress you... nothing ever will.



Lefortovo Tunnel


This 3,150 metre long Lefortovo tunnel in Russia, is the fifth longest in-city tunnel of Europe. It runs under the Yauza River and water leaks into the tunnel at some points.  


When the temperature gets down into the minus numbers, it got to minus 38 degrees Celcius this particular winter, the road freezes and the result is the attached video taken during A SINGLE DAY with the tunnel camera. How would you like to have been down the back of that banana-bus?  Remember, this is only ONE day of video.



Suicide Bombers.


Pierre Rehov, a Frenchman who makes documentary films, has produced a film on suicide bombers. He was recently interviewed and his thoughts on the psychology of bombers can be read here.



Pension Review.


HERE is the joint RAAFA, NAA, RSL and DFWA submission for the latest Review of Pension Indexation Arrangements in Australian Government Civilian and Military Superannuation Schemes.


While governments, past and present, continually call for reviews without taking any action, we cannot give up the fight. The attached submission is a good summary of the present state of play and being only some 17 pages in length should prove to be a valuable resource document for any of you who take an interest in this matter. -  Noel Hadfield



A three legged dog walks into a saloon in the Old West.

He slides up to the bar and announces:

"I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."



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