RAAF Radschool Association


Vol 25

October 2008

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Sadly, in the two or so months since our last issue, we have once again lost some very good mates.


See Page 2

Sam warns us about a nasty virus that is doing the rounds, tells us where to find "Backup" in XP home, has a good tip on how to get the most out of your printer and other good stuff.


See Page 4

Ted takes time out from his busy overseas fact finding mission to tell us how CD burners work - and other important stuff.


See page 6

The all important debate on climate change continues. Please read and then have your say in our straw poll, tell us what your thoughts are on this most contentious  matter.


See page 7

Frank takes us on a nostagic trip through China, a fascinating country where he spent many fond years as an educator.


See page 9

Kev Rosser spent some time at East Sale and he reckons it wasn't as bad as what everyone thinks.


See page 11

There's a couple of blokes doing it tough at the moment - let's hope they have a speedy recovery.


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This is where you have your say. We look forward to getting your letters - so please keep them coming.


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The reunion, which it was hoped could have been held in Brisvegas next year over the Anzac Day long weekend, did not attract enound interest to pursue it further, so, it won't be on - pity..

Unfortunately, this issue we don't have any stories of what blokes and/or blokettes have been up to while in and out of the RAAF, but we've been promised some for next issue, haven't we E??.

We had a few requests from blokes who print out the PDF version of the magazine using duplex print, that is, 2 pages to a sheet of paper by printing on the reverse of the paper. Because of the margins we've been using, they loose a fair chunk of the story on the even pages when they staple the whole thing together. We were asked if we could move the margins a bit to the right on all odd pages and to the left on even pages.


Not a problem!!



If you find any errors in these magazines, please get in touch and let us know so we can fix them.

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