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Vol 22.  

5 April, 2008

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We've had quite a few requests from older folk, like Don Cureton, to provide a printable version of the RAM - only too happy to oblige Don, from now on you can print out each page in PDF format.


And if you're the only person in the whole wide world who doesn't have Acrobat Reader, you can get a free copy HERE.







Sam takes a historic look at the Commodore 64 computer and offers some advice on how to speed up modern "go slow" computers. You can read his column on page 4





Unfortunately, some or our mates have passed on, an occurance that happens all to frequently these days. You can see who we are missing this time by going to page 2







Phil Millar, who was on 32 Appy and David Marr who was on 32 RMC, and who was out for a full 14 years before Phil enlisted, tell their vastly different stories, you can read them on page 5







This edition, WA's notorious ladies' man, Ted Mac, provides info on DVA's allowance increases, on the end of an era with the RAAF's B707s, tells you how to get a copy of Windows SP3, if you want it, and offers a tongue in cheek look at the differences between when he went to school and what school is like today. You can read his column on page 6









Frank interviews Ron Guthrie, a retired RAAF pilot and a wonderful and much admired man, now living quietly in a leafy suburb of Newcastle.  This is a story to be read, and enjoyed.


You can read Frank's column on page 9





Peter (Dit) Eaton reminisces about his first few days in Vietnam, all those years ago.  

You can read his story on page 16


Other important stuff you shouldn't miss out on:


   John Broughton's bush kitchen.             13

   Electron flow, but not as we know it.     14

   Wagga 16Appy (Arabs) reunion           15


Your say.                                             18

That Mirage in Darwin                       19


And lots more....


AND!!!  Please keep your contributions coming, we need your stories, and your photos, and GIRLS!!! where are you, we haven't heard from any of you - surely you have something to say!!  What was life like at work, what was your social life like - what was life like living in the WRAFF-ery with all the curfews etc and how did you get around them.


We continue with the "What are they up to now" stories in this edition and we'd like to continue with them well into the future. There's a lot of interest in them, blokes and blokettes like to know what their mates, who they haven't seen or heard from for yonks, have been up to since last they last met. If you'd like your story told, please send up your history along with a couple of photos - and that includes you blokettes too...


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