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Recently a few of us got together at John Broughton's "Bush Kitchen" in Newcastle (wouldn't you just love to have one - tb) for a few beers, a few snags, a few 'nibblies' and of course, to tell a few lies.


As is often the case at these sort of gatherings, the conversation eventually swung around to Ohm's law, AVO multimeters, scope irons, automatic gearboxes, cross cut saws, sex and of course, electron theory.


Now most of us have quite happily made the journey from puberty to old age with the belief that electric current moved down a wire using the 'knock on' effect, that is, one electron banged into the bloke next to it, and that one then banged into the one next to it and the next one banged into the next and on and on it went, all this was done very quickly of course, and it was all this banging and bumping that made things happen, it made fans turn, TV's come on, radiograms play music etc etc.


Well, in every party there always has to be a spoil sport - because it seems we've been terribly wrong all these years. Frank told us that although it might look like that - it just ain't so.


He reckoned a whole lot of different things happened when current flowed in a wire, and of course, us being real Radtechs, and having had a few cold ales, we didn't believe him. As Roger said, now I'm really confused, which way does the current REALLY run or does something run in itís stead. And as John Broughton says, if the theory of electron displacement is now superseded then how can we explain semi-conductors that have an atomic valency of 4?? (I don't even know what that means!! tb).



Present at this impromptu gathering of old boys were: (L-R), Frank Alley (EDO), Dave Lugg (19Appy),

John Broughton (5RMT), Roger Archer, (EDO from Willytown).


We asked Frank to put his ideas on paper so we could study them more closely and he's done just that and you can read all about it next page. BUT!!!!! we're not letting him off that lightly, after all, what he suggests flies in the face of what heaps of us have believed for yonks - so, if you reckon he's wrong, or you have a different explanation of how 'things' move down a wire please let us know - 'cause at the moment it's officers 1, erks 0.


I'm glad we didn't get onto the subject of Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy - heavens knows what he would have told us about them.....


Anzac Day


On the 11th Feb a few blokes got together at the Batmanís Hill on Collins (Melbourne) to discuss what they might do on Anzac Day this year. As you all appreciate, Anzac Day is a very important day in our military calendar. You are all invited to participate in the March; assembly at the usual place, outside Young & Jacksonís Hotel in Flinders Street. More detail will be forthcoming as we get closer to the 25th April 2008.


Coming to the March provides you with a number of great opportunities:

1.   to meet and talk before the March,

2.   to take part in the March itself and,

3.   to get together with friends and colleagues after the March to renew friendships and socialize.

It is RAAFA (Vic Div)ís intention to have a bus at the shrine to transport anyone wishing to attend the luncheon function at our premises at 24 Camberwell Road.


However, we need to know who would like to use the bus to get to the East Hawthorn venue and for catering purposes. Simply call Barb on 03 9813 4600 and let her know if you would like to join RAAFA (Vic Div) in our commemoration of Anzac Day. Last year we had a small group meet at the Batmanís Hill on Collins but this year that option is not open.


Please make the time to participate in the March on the 25th April 2008 and join us for fellowship at the RAAFA (Vic Div) premises at 24 Camberwell Road, East Hawthorn.




Noel Hadfield


A Copper pulls over an old Valiant wagon on the Pacific Highway up near Proserpine and says to the driver,

"Got any I.D. ?" and the driver replies   -  "Bout wut ?"

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