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Where are they now?


If you know where any of these people are now, please let us know.

And if you're looking for a long lost mate, send us your "where are they now" request
along with a few words and a photo if possible.
Perhaps we can help find him/her.


Michael Downs is looking for Mal Knott. Mal was the RADO at 75 Squadron about 25 years ago. He ended up a Wng Cdr in Canberra. He is also trying to locate an old mate, Lyndon ‘Lino’ Watson, RADTECHA; Michael said he served with Lyndon at DCE-AF in Canberra for a period around 1984 – 1986.

Neil Hunter is looking for the following people, Darryl Lynch, Bob Westlake, Dave Keating, Peter Costin, Gary Morrisby. Can anyone help??


David Fitzgerald, wrote, I have just stumbled across your site and wondered if anyone knows of or the whereabouts of an Airframe FSGT (at the time) by the name of Tony Woods. The last I saw him was in 1978, in Butterworth, he was NCO/IC of SASS 478 SQN. If anyone does or knows of any other means to find him it would certainly help to tidy up a few hours of my life following an event that happened up there. Regards David Fitzgerald (1971-1988 served as Elec Fitter then Flight Engineer C130's)


David Marr is looking for Eddy Berry. Ed was on my Radmech and Tech. Courses (Ballarat 1960, Laverton 1962) and we swapped postings after Laverton, he went to Townsville which I think was his hometown and I went to Richmond. I haven’t heard of Ed since then.


Canberra Fires


The 18th Jan 2008 was the 5th anniversary of the disastrous fires in Canberra (where has that time gone??).

We were down there recently and we drove around the suburbs where the fires were at their most damaging, and in a lot of instances you would be hard pressed to know anything had ever happened.


Most of the homes have been rebuilt, grasses and trees have re-grown and life is pretty much back to normal. There are a few vacant blocks where once families lived their lives, and there are a few homes partly re-built, but in the main it's back to normal.


The farmland in and around Tuggeranong has regenerated, sheds and fences have been rebuilt, paddocks restocked with sheep and cattle - all as it should be.


We drove up to Mt Stromlo where once the mighty reflector telescopes stood, and although new, and you would think better, equipment has been installed and is operating, they have left 2 burnt out shells as reminders of those terrible days. There were a lot of mistakes made back then, we all hope it never happens again.


A bloke goes into the employment office in Cairns for a look through the job vacancies. Just as he's about to give up and go away, he spots something. "Wanted", it says. "Single man, willing to travel, must have own scissors. $1,500 a week guaranteed, plus company car and all expenses."

Well, it sounds a bit too good to be true, so the bloke makes a note of the reference number and fronts up at the counter. "I'd like to apply for this job", he says, "Reference number E/784/B46-OP17372D2."


“Oh, that one," says the clerk. "It's a model agency right here in Cairns. They're looking for a pubic hair snipper. You see, they supply girls who model underwear and bathers, and before they go on the catwalk they report to you and you have to snip off any wisps of pubic hair that are showing. It pays well, but there are a few drawbacks. It involves quite a lot of travel - The Bahamas, Tahiti, Paris, London, that sort of thing, and you have to get used to living in first-class hotels........"


"I reckon I could learn to live with it," says the bloke. "I'd really like to apply for the job." The clerk shrugs and says, "OK, here's an application form and a bus ticket to Rockhampton".


"Rockhampton?" exclaims the bloke. "bloody Rockhampton??? What do I wanna go to Rockhampton for?"


"Well", says the clerk, "that's where the end of the queue is at the moment."


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