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Laurie Lindsay sent us this, it is a photo of the RAAF's 1st Grade rugby team of 1964:


Back Row: L-R   Alan Wise, Geoff Anderson, Dick “Lurch” deFriskbom, “Lofty” Farqueson, “Ugly” Anderson, “Buck” Rogers, Laurie Lindsay, Bob Mouat

Front Row: L-R   Mick McCormack, Peter Silcock, Mick Taylor, Ted Doyle, Max Buckley, “Mango” Marris, Mick O’Brien


D.V.A Travel Kit???


Peter Holmes bought this to our attention, it's a box that measures 120cms in length, 90cms in height and 80cms in width and it takes two people to lift and carry it. It's from Europe, it's called CASULO and it's ideal for people with itchy feet.


It does away with the problem of temporary furniture rentals and offers a winning solution to all the problems moving involves. This little yellow box contains an apartment's worth of furniture. It's the ultimate in frugal living, inventiveness and modern living. Inside you'll find:


1 wardrobe, 1 large desk/table, 1 desk cabinet with locking drawers, 1 revolving

height-adjustable desk chair, 2 stools, 1 single bed, 1 mattress, 1 tall set of shelves.


If you want to see how it all comes together, have a look at the Youtube video HERE.  It's a masterpiece of design by Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser, at the Köln International School of Design in Cologne. It's not yet available for purchase, but when it does go on sale it will be available in Europe first.


However, as an experiment in frugality and minimalism, it's thought-provoking to say the least. How much do we need to live in relative comfort? Admittedly, there's no sofa in the box, no Widescreen TV, no sound system, and certainly none of the typical comforts of home.


(Having had the odd transfer while serving with the RAAF, and then having several more while serving with DCA, we can definitely see the need for this thing - tb.)


Forget the truck rental, just put your apartment in your back seat and move on. Most of the time, I was so busy working or out with friends that I rarely noticed what was in my apartment anyway. The CASULO is for people on the move, those in job training, students, and people who have to change their location frequently.


The unit is ideal for people in the service industries. People who must move frequently and rent empty rooms need no longer accumulate sets of inexpensive furnishings whose transportation costs are higher than the value of the furniture.










And, we ain't finished with the old Quad just yet, Ray Morris sent us this photo, he reckons it's a quad in the hover over Radschool sometime in August 1978.



Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right,

and the other is a husband.


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