RAAF Radschool Association


Vol 23

June 2008

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Unfortunately, since our last edition, we have lost many more of our good friends.

See page 2

Sam has good advice for users of MS-Excel. You can read his column on page 4.

The original "Dummy-spitter", Laurie Lindsay, and rampaging Ron Clayton, tell their stories on page 5

Tedda, the W.A.'s chick magnet extraordinaire, talks about a lot of stuff on page 6 

Frank gets stuck in, boots and all, to those that question his electron movement thingy, see page 9.

Ken Corkhill tells us about life at RAAF Ballarat in the early 50's.

See page 15

Many words of wisdom are unleashed as you have your say on page 17

We look for blokes and blokettes who have gone missing on page 18


We've been asked to check the reaction of blokes and blokettes to the idea of holding another Radschool reunion, possibly sometime next year. We've put a questionnaire on the site to get your opinions and you can go to it direct HERE or read more about it HERE.


We're still waiting on one or more of the girls to get in touch and tell us about life as a WRAAF - tell us some of the things you used to get up to, about bed checks and all that disciplinary stuff that wouldn't be accepted today.


We finally have a new membership application. It's now on our site and you can access it HERE. If you haven't already done so (and a few have) we ask that you take a few minutes and fill in the form and return it to us. It can all be done on line, no need to print it out - no need for stamps...just fill it in and click. Importantly, membership is now FREE. Once we have these forms returned we can re-build our member list and put it back on the site. Our last list was well out of date, many people have moved, changed email addresses, some have even gone overseas. In accordance with our privacy policy, none of the information you provide us will be given out to anyone.


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