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Radschool Staff – we name names!!


We had the (below) photo in our last edition and as we didn’t know who sent it to us and we didn’t have any names either. We’ve since found that Jim Lander sent us the photo, (that’s Jim front row, 3rd in from the right) but after all these years Jim couldn't remember who's who. So, we asked if anyone knew any of the faces and Mike Carson, who is ex 7TMT and currently (temporarily) exiled in the U.K. reckons he knows 1 face and that is the bloke in the front row second from left, it is Graeme Brownrigg, also ex-7TMT.



Wayne Benner also saw the photo and he can put a name to a few faces, he reckons some names are Back row 3rd from right - Peter Coleman Centre Row far right - Trevor Forbes, Centre Row 3rd from right - Jon Wye, Front Row 2nd from left - Graeme Brownrigg.


Ernie Gimm says “The bloke 3rd from the left in the front row is Dickie Bird (I think John was his first name).  He was a Sgt in my darts team in Townsville when we won the Div 2 comp and progressed to Div 1”.


Bugs Rose got in touch, he says, “YES! I am in the picture.  FSGT, Front row, second from the right, between Jim Lander and the library SGT whose name escapes me.  Lots of faces ring bells but unfortunately names don't surface. I am back at Laverton in what used to be RAAF Publications Unit (RPU), became Defence Air Publication Agency (DAPA) and is now Common Services Systems Support Organisation (CSSSO) part of which is Aviation Publication Management Authority (APMA) where I work.  It's a good job as I get to audit the publication management procedures of all units across the three services and supporting civilian organisations”.


And Ray Miles also got in touch and he reckons the guy in the middle of the back row is Ray Blake (now living in Sale), middle row 3rd from left is Alan Plummer (currently SQNLDR at Laverton), and the middle row far right is Trevor Forbes,


So!  Now we have…..


Back Row L-R:   ?? ??, ?? ??, ?? ??, Ray Blake, Peter Coleman, ?? ??, ?? ??,

Middle Row L-R:   ?? ??, ?? ??, Alan Plummer, ?? ??, John Wye, ?? ??, Trevor Forbes,

Front Row L-R:   ?? ??, Graham Brownrigg, Dickie Bird, ?? ??, ?? ??, ?? ??, ?? ??, Jim Lander, Bugs Rose, ?? ??,


Does anyone know any more??



Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes!!



The Phantom Radtech.


Greg Black, who was also on 18RMT, saw the story about the mystery face in the official course photo (Arthur Woods, who was a cook from Laverton) which we had last issue

He says, “What a great story, but I have to say it is the first I have ever heard of it. I am standing 2 places to the left of “Arty” (I’m No 1 in Middle Row). I believe that No 8, also in the Middle Row, is Alan Talbot. I recognise a lot of the other faces, but would be guessing to try and put a correct name to many of them.


The guy, No 2 in the Back Row though, I believe should have got an award for being the most determined. As I understand it, he wanted to buy a car (as did we all) but was told by his parents that he would have to save up the cash to pay for it (no HP for this guy).


He was so dedicated to buying this car that he basically saved 100% of his meagre wages – scrimped for everything – only buying such things as soap and toothpaste. Long story, short – he DID buy the car before he finished the course, and, if I remember correctly, it was a Valiant.


What a pity I can’t recall his name.



Did you know that a gold fish can only remember what it has done for the past 6 seconds.



Superman Course 1973.


Jim Lander sent us this photo of number 53 SERGSUPMAN Course (APR1973) which was held at Wagga and which ran for 6 weeks.


Back row L-R:     Jim Riches, Len Grinham, Sam Russell, Arther Waterton, Warwich Hall, John Hendricks, Jim Lander, George Hatchman.

Middle Row L-R:     Kev Trimmer, Barry Morriss, Hap Prior, Doc Doherty, Harry Rossiels, Mick Bennett, George Sprigins, Al Warner, Vic Byers

Front Row L-R:      Derryl Chambers, Jock Young, Ron Asprey, FltLt Geoff Wade, WOff Thompson, Frank Wright, John Hutchins.


It was a live in course designed for senior corporals and junior sergeants and the subjects covered included man management, time and motion management and anything else they could think up to prepare aspiring senior NCOs for their heady mantles of responsibility.


Jim said it was a drag, but the social life was excellent, with the mess and Wagga RSL available



18/19 Appy.







3 blokes from 18 Appy, way back in 1964, all decked out in their splendour, are:


L-R: Carl Sandford, Geoff Lydeamore and Mick Cottrill


We think Carl Sandford is flying for Qantas, he was an RAAF B707 pilot before he retired, and we think Geoff Lydeamoore retired from the RAAF as a WGCDR AEO. We don't know where Mick Cottrill is - can anyone help?


They say "clothes maketh the man" - spot on in this case....

















Two more bods from 18 Appy, back in 1964, dressed to kill in their ‘stepping out' blues,


L-R:  Warren "Woodrow" Wilson and John "Storky" Vanderlinden.


Does anyone know where Woodrow Wilson is??







19 Appy lads, back at Laverton some time in 1966 or 1967 are:


L-R:  Martin (Rolf) Roelfsema, Dave Lugg, Geoff Chapman (Deceased) and Phil  Laird.


These days, Rolf is the Micro-wave products manager at Hills Antenna and TVC systems in Riverwood, NSW.



Two secrets to keep your marriage brimming:

                                                  1.      Whenever you're wrong  -  admit it,
                                                  2.      Whenever you're right  -  shut up.


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