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From Ernie Gimm –


  • The following sad news has been received from Gerry Hemy:  It is with sorrow that I advise members of the passing of Ian Drummond. I was advised by Les Stapleton that the notice appeared in the paper late last year, but no date of death was listed. Ian’s funeral was held at the Fremantle Cemetery, on the 24 Dec 09.

  • The passing of yet another Djinnang member, Ian Chalkley. Ian lived in Meadow Springs over in the West. Ian's funeral was held at the Simplicity Funerals Chapel in Mandurah WA on Tuesday 22 September.Ned Squires

  • Ned Squires (right) passed away and was buried at the Karrakatta Cemetery (Perth WA) on the 25th February.

  • Ray (Crumpet) Gray who lived in South Guildord, WA passed away recently and unfortunately, details are scarce. His Funeral was held at Karrakatta Cemetery on Friday 26th March 2010.

  • Tracie Hamilton passed away on Friday 2nd April, 2010, whilst on duty in Indonesia. Tracie was a SIGSOP who, whilst in the RAAF, served at 3TU and various other units. She later discharged from the RAAF to continue work in the Defence community. She was in her 40's. Her service will be on Tuesday 13th April at 1PM at Integrity Funeral Parlour, 18 Tonga Pl, Parkwood, Qld. The service is not private and friends are welcome.


Barry Ingate

Stew Bonett advises:  “It is with terrible sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of Barry Ingate. AFC. Barry has been in and out of hospital the past few months with breathing problems and he passed away on Thursday afternoon 4 March 2002 and was buried on the 10 March. Barry was one of the original Caribou Loadmasters and did two tours of Vietnam in 1964 and 1966. He was the loadmaster on Caribou A4-173 when it crashed on landing on two separate occasions. See HERE.


Barry was awarded the Air Force Cross by the Queen on the 1st January, 1966.


So long old mate, you were one of the best and Heaven will be better off because you will be there.”




Gary Olsen advises the recent passing of John Howes. John served in No 2 Squadron at Butterworth as an Armament Fitter. Informal advice is that John’s funeral was held in Nambour, Qld, on Friday 18th September 2009.



 Peter McLennan

Peter Nelms advises that on Thursday morning 24 December, 2009, (Christmas Eve) we lost WGCDR Peter McLennan (Retd) in a fatal accident. Peter was struck by a power boat on the Murray River at Casey's Bend near Echuca in Victoria at around 9:00 am while swimming with other family members. His injuries were severe and although every attempt was made to save his life at the scene and en route to specialist care they were to prove fatal. He was taken from the Murray by helicopter to Royal Melbourne Hospital where surgeons were unable to revive him. His loss is keenly felt and devastating for members of his family.




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