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The News 


       News and Reunions! 




Phil “Dick” Tracey, who is the Secretary of the Melbourne Ex-Apprentice Committee,  wishes to remind everyone that the 2011 reunion of Ex-Brats will be held on Saturday the 29th January, 2011 at the Werribee RSL.


Doors open at 1.00pm and it is expected to finish about 5.00pm. Cost is only $10 per head. Bring your wives, girlfriends, boy-friends, whatever, dress is neat casual – and if you’re not there, you’ll need a chit!!


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The judge asks "why do you keep beating her?"

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Aviation Development Australia Limited is conducting the Australian International Airshow 2011 at Avalon airport over the six days, 1-6 March 2011. The event will be held concurrently with the 2011 Australian International Aerospace and Defence Exposition.


Avalon Air Show


The Exposition and the Airshow are presented in the interest of promoting the development of aviation and Australian industrial, manufacturing and information/communications technology resources in the aviation, aerospace and defense sectors.


The organizers intent to make the Airshow one of the largest and most comprehensive air shows ever conducted in the Southern Hemisphere.


2011 is also the 90th anniversary of the formation of the RAAF and it intends to make the Airshow the centrepiece of its 90th anniversary activities.


Air Marshal Mark Binskin, the Chief of the Air Force, said the Airshow will be a great opportunity for the public to get a close look at Air Force’s current high-tech fighter and strike capabilities, including the potent F/A-18F SuperHeron Un-manned aircraft Hornet and the Wedgetail airborne early warning and control aircraft, both of which came into RAAF operational service this year.”


It will be a major opportunity to highlight the RAAF’s future, in particular the RAAF’s transition to the cutting-edge Joint Strike Fighter,” he said. “The Avalon Airshow and associated conferences will also focus on unmanned aircraft. The Air Force’s Heron (right) is already providing crucial support to operations in Afghanistan, and remotely piloted aircraft will be a key feature of our future capability.”


“We anticipate nearly all of Air Force’s aircraft types will be represented at Avalon next year, along with Navy and Army aviation assets. Dozens of Australian Defence Force aircraft will participate. We’re also planning major displays of the ADF’s ground-based equipment and capabilities.”


See further information HERE



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Phillip Marsh advises that arrangements for the RAAF Ballarat reunion have been firmed up.


Phil says, “The reunion will be held over 5 days, from Wednesday the 23rd to Sunday the 27th March 2011. Registration/Happy hours will be held on the Wednesday and the Friday at the Ballarat RSL, which is in Lyons St. Time will be 1830. The fee will cover beer, wine, soft drink, and finger food and the free bar will continue until the money allocated runs out. There are no catering facilities at the RSL so best have a meal or snack before you come. Parking will be available at St Pat’s, opposite the RSL, on Wed and Fri night”.


“We are planning to hold a Civic reception on the Thursday morning though this hasn’t been confirmed up yet and we’ll advise on this later. Entrance to Ballarat


We have also arranged a bus tour on the Friday which will go to the museums at the RAAF Base and then to the Aero Club for a light lunch. The memorial service will take place at 1030, at the Prisoner of War memorial near the Botanical Gardens and Lake Wendouree. Seating will be provided. Following the ceremony we will be providing finger food and cup of tea/coffee at the RSL. Medals may be worn.


The more formal part of the reunion will be the Dinner at the Ballarat University. Commencing at 1830 for a meal at 1915, we will start with finger food, wine, beer and soft drink, followed by a 2 course meal. Speeches will be held to a minimum. The Barbecue will be held at 1200 at the Ballarat University, and will be informal and catered.


The costs will be $130 P/P, if attending all functions. This does not include accommodation, meals (other than those listed), transport, or other incidentals. As mentioned earlier, the contact for accommodation in Ballarat is at HTTP://www.ballarat.com , Phone 1800 44 66 33 or email tourism@ballarat.vic.gov.au. Most have indicated that they will organize their own accommodation.


There is an airport shuttle bus from Melbourne airport to Ballarat. Phone 03 5333 4181 or on the internet http://www.airportshuttlebus.com.au . Bookings can be made online. Trains are also available at http://www.vline.com.au . The phone number is 03 9697 2076. Note that some air travel arrives at Avalon!


The most important thing is to send us your full payment by 5th February. Please forward your cheque and completed booking form. Make Cheques payable to RAAF Ballarat reunion.


You can download the Reunion Letter/Form HERE, please fill it in and return it to us. If you have problems, or you require addition information please contact Doreen on 02 9560 8486 or email to radschl.reunion@gmail.com


Remember, the reunion is for all of the good folk who spent time at Ballarat and for the youngsters who ‘did time’ at Radschool at Laverton as well.



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F111 Farewell.


This year, on the 3 December 2010, the RAAF’s remaining F111’s will fly no more. The RAAF intends to mark this event with a retirement ceremony that will be held at RAAF Amberley over the two days, Thurs 2 December and Fri 3 December.


Attendance and entry restrictions to these events will apply, probably to make numbers manageable, and if you wish to attend you will need to satisfy one of the below criteria: F-111 at Amberley


  • you must be a current or ex-serving Defence personnel and have had an involvement with the F-111, or,

  • you must be a current or previous employee of F-111 Defence contractors who have had an involvement with the F-111, or,

  • you must be a current Defence personnel from RAAF Base Amberley, or,

  • you must be an invited VIP guest who receives an official written invitation.


If you fit one of these criteria and you wish to go, you have to register, further details can be obtained HERE



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and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?




WRAAF Reunion.


Rosemary Coleman is the Secretary of the Brisbane Branch of the WRAAF Association which is part of the RAAF Association Queensland Division. She says:


“The WRAAF Branch Brisbane is hosting the 2011 National WRAAF Reunion to be held in Brisbane from 28 to 30 January 2011 at the Mercure Hotel, North Quay, Brisbane. This reunion will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the formation of the WRAAF.


The Reunion is for all ex WRAAF who served between 1951 and 1977, ex RAAF servicewomen, current serving RAAF servicewomen and ex WAAAF members. You can get further info from here http://www.wraaf.org.au or you can call Dianne on 07 3202 7625, Rosemary on 07 3879 4889 or Rosie on 07 3889 3728.”


You can download the registration form from HERE.





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