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 Where are they now?


       Where are they now?





Ray “RG” Thompson is looking for Jimmy Grant. Ray says he was 5 foot nothing in height and a Clerk Admin in the Orderly Room of the Radio Apprentices at Frognall and went with them when they moved to Laverton. I last saw him in 1962 when I was attached to 1AD for a day. He was in the Apprentice OR with Les Chanter the F/Sgt DI who I had known quite well in Butterworth back in 58-60.




Ernie Gimm is looking for Vic Morrow – can anyone help??




Michelle Wyatt is looking for anyone who can help her find information on her father, Bill Wyatt, who was in the RAAF in Vietnam. Bill served with No 2 Squadron as a FSGT MTFITT from 14 February 1968 to 5 February 1969. Michelle says her father died when her mother was 8 months pregnant with her so she has no first-hand knowledge of her father. He was 53 yrs old in 1978 the year of her birth. She is trying everything she can think of to research him, not only for herself but also her older brother William. It would be nice if one day they may be able to locate a photo of their father, who is a mystery to them. She has also been told she could two half sisters out there some where. Any direction and help would be greatly appreciated.


If anyone can help, please get in touch with:


Ken O'Brien

CEO: Families After Trauma Foundation





Geoff Reddish wants to know if anyone remembers the two Gilfillan yank techs who refurbished the CPN-4's about 1963. One was a redneck Texan and the other a Jewish gent by the name of Jesus Calvin Christ. They worked well together but did not get along socially. He says, "They introduced us to some new miniaturized circuit boards designed to be thrown away when U/S but as usual, Ronny RAAF expected us to troubleshoot and repair them. I recall big Buster McClean being very scathing about the lack of spares".




We received the following request:


Hello, my name is Troy Jacobsen, I live in Townsville, North Queensland. I am writing on behalf of my son, Nik, who in September went to Vietnam on a study tour. On this study tour the kids had to research a fallen soldier and tell their story to the rest of the group.


Nik has been given Cpl David John Dubber, (right) who was with 9 Sqn and was killed in a flying accident during enemy engagemenDavid Paul Dubbert in the Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam on the 7th June, 1971.


The Squadron was providing Gunship, ammunition resupply and casevac support for Bravo Company, 3RAR and 1 Armoured Regiment Centurion tanks which were engaged in an enemy bunker system. During an ammunition resupply, the aircraft on which he was crewing, Albatross 06, crashed into trees killing the Captain Flight Lieutenant Everitt Murray (Lofty) LANCE, and Gunner David John Dubber with the Co-pilot and Crewman injured. Casevac was attempted but had to be aborted due to intense enemy fire. Under continuous fire from Bushrangers and US Army Gunships, Bravo Company was resupplied with ammunition and the aircrew casualties were evacuated. The Bushrangers were continuously involved engaging the enemy throughout the day and other Squadron aircraft evacuated 25 wounded and injured, all but 3 being battle casualties


We have found a little bit of information of his time in Vietnam, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a lot out there. We were hoping that you may have some more information on him. His childhood, what was he like, likes and dislikes, etc.. any information you could provide would be very grateful. Nik was also wondering if he has any living relatives? Would they like him to say something in particular about David. The study tour is a school based tour organised by Mr Glenn Edwards of Pimlico State High School, he has organised a few other study tours in previous years. Last year the tour was to Greece and Turkey, I believe next year is to North Africa, this is the first trip Nik has gone on. Glenn is the Head of Department - Social Science, Pimlico High School: Ph 07 4759 3444. The group left on Friday the 17th September and returned on Saturday 2nd October. Some of the activities the group had organised for them included: Touring the Demilitarized zone Service at Long Tan Helping out at the Christina Noble Childrens’ Foundation Shelter and visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Who is this??




Paul Padley want to know if anyone recognizes the person in the photo at right. If you do, please reply to Paul by email HERE




Scott Alford says “Its funny how you come across information and people from the past. I came across a mutual friend from the same period of duty and we were throwing old names around from that time. I was wondering if you could enquire the whereabouts of (ex) CPL Cathy Taylor and Richard Dembowski. I think they were both Clerk Admins. They did stints at various recruiting and Ords Rooms - particularly at Radschool Laverton around 1980 and in the Brisbane Recruiting Office around 1984 (approx).


I am still in the wireless industry and it never ceases to amaze me how few radtechs (and others) have surfaced. I guess most changed trades when they left the RAAF? I have hired a few ex-Navy and Army guys, but where HAVE the hundreds of RAAF radtechs gone?

If you can help Scott, please email him HERE



When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bike.

Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way,

so I stole one and asked him to forgive me.




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