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Vol 33

November, 2010




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Sadly, in the few months since our last issue, we have once again lost some very good mates.



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Our lovely Page 3 girl this time is Jeanette Kiorgaard. As well, we have some photos of ancient Appy courses and some ancient Brooky blokes.


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Sam Houliston

Sam has some useful advice for users of MS-Outlook and explains the confusing Permissions file-protection system.


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The Qld Air Museum at Caloundra recently hosted a ceremony to remember all RAAF personnel lost during all conflicts.


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Sam's got the new pension rates and discovers a new and revolutionary bra, a product in which he holds great interest.


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Rod Faux, who now lives up in Thailand, tells us his story.



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Allan George

Allan George has scoured the web to find some interesting and quirky items - and, if you're thinking of going flying, he's got some good advice.


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The Gov't has finally allocated funds for the blokes who worked on and were affected by that stuff in the F-111 fuel tanks and, if you're hard of hearing, then there's good news for you too.


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Senator Michael Ronaldson has introduced a bill into the Senate which, if passed, will bring those living on DFRDB back from the brink of poverty.


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Ian Johnston had a stall at the recent Historical Radio Society's fair in Canberra and we have some data and photos of that Qantas A380.


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Ian Johnston

Ballarat airport


Keith Dudman reminisces about his time at Ballarat and if you couldn't sleep worrying about the origin of Kilroy - well, we have the answer.


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We're looking for a few people, perhaps you can help.


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Your say

This is where you have your say. We look forward to getting your letters - so please keep them coming.


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If you've got a reunion coming up, or if you've got some news, let us know and we'll publicise it.


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Back in April we applied for a $7,000 grant under the Commonwealth's Veteran and Community Grants Program to enable us to purchase a new computer, software and printer. Our little Canon LBP3200 printer could print a copy of the RAM in about 30 minutes and the little Toshiba was making hard work of it, trying to juggle Frontpage, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Office 2010 and Windows Commander while trying to putWarren Snowdon together this magazine and occasionally it used to dig in its heels and refused to go any further.


Well, on the 5th November, we received a letter from the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Warren Snowdon MP, which advised that the grant had been approved.


We wish to publicly thank the minister for approving the grant and allowing us to purchase the new equipment (which has already been bought) and with which we will be able to continue to produce the RAM far into the future.


We also wish to thank the DVA office in Brisbane for their invaluable assistance in helping us put together the application for the grant. If you are having troubles, always contact your local DVA office, you will find that they are definitely there to help..


We will now apply for a RADSCHOOL domain name and once that is registered, we will move everything over to the new site, but first we have to be registered with the Tax office as a non-profit organisation, which means we have to apply for an ABN - which we have done, but as everyone, who has had dealings with Canberra's bureaucrats knows, that all takes time - buckets of it. And!  with Christmas creeping up, we don't expect to hear too much from them this year - SO!!  more on all that in our next issue.


Below is a pic of the new equipment that now belongs to the RAAF Radschool Association. For those interested, we bought a Brother MFC-9450CDN printer with spare toner drums, Toshiba Qosmio X500/06C laptop, Western Digital 1TB back up drive plus Windows 7 Ultimate, Office 2010 and Adobe Acrobat 10.


So!  No more excuses.....



Radschool Desk




We try and make sure this magazine is as accurate as possible and that it contains no errors. If you find any, be they incorrect links, spelling mistakes, factual errors, please let us know so we can correct them. You can contact us by using the link at the top of each page.





We still get mails from blokes asking why their name does not exist on the "List of Members", even though they joined some time ago and sent in their $10.00.


As we've said, our old data base was so far out of date that it was next to useless so we had to ditch it and start again. We now do it all on line so there is nothing to print out and post in and as there are no costs involved, joining is now free.


Please check the list of names and if your name isn't there, please click on the "Join the Association" tag (there's one on the top of each page) fill in the details and send it to us.


Also, if you change your address, or phone numbers or email address, or you just want to say hello, or you want to give us a tongue lashing, you can do so by clicking on the "Contact Us" tag, also at the top of each page and filling in the details. It's so easy even an instrument fitter could do it, it's all done on line, no printing out forms and no postage.


Over the past couple of months we have been able to put a bunch of people in contact with long lost mates - but that's only because we have your details. Please click on the Join the Association tag and fill it in, the more people that join the more we can match up .


We don't and won't give out your details to anyone so there is no risk of you being spammed.




The Index is now finished - all references have been linked so if you're looking for a topic or a photo of someone, click on the Index link on the top of each page and just follow the links.


Merry Christmas to you all - see you next year!!!


As usual, you can download the full magazine in PDF format  HERE.


Now that we have the colour printer, we can print, bind and post you a colour copy if you wish,

but there will be a cost. Each copy will cost $20, with the majority of that being postage.

Of course, the links won't work but the rest will be there.


If you want a copy let us know via the "Contact Us" link on the top of each page.




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