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Radschool Staff – we name still more names!!


Frank Oostenbroek got in touch, he’s got some names, he says in the back row, from Left to right, I think No 1 is Chuck Broadbent No 2 is Geoff Myers No 3 is Harry Shilton, but Rod James also got in touch, he said back row left is Allan Longston, and he knows this because Allan on 24 Appy with him. Centre row left is a bloke off 25 Appy but he doesn't remember his name.  


Ian Champion got in touch too, he says the bloke in the middle row, far left, is Paul Daniels.


Radschool Staff photo

So, now we have……

Back Row L-R:   Chuck Broadbent or Allan Longston, Geoff Myers, Harry Shilton, Ray Blake, Peter Coleman, Noel Green, ?? ??,

Middle Row L-R:   Paul Daniels, Robert Scott,  Alan Plummer, ?? ??, Peter Fraser, ?? ??, Trevor Forbes,

Front Row L-R:   ?? ??, Graham Brownrigg, Dickie Bird, Trevor Brougham (EDO), Nick  Ward (EDO), John Dallimore, Andrew Elverston, Jim Lander, Bugs Rose, ?? ??,


Eddie Young told us, last issue, about his time at 82 Wing at Amberley, many moons ago, when he wasLincoln bomber servicing the 5043 Marconi transceiver which was in the Lincoln.

 Welcome to Woomera

Peter Holmes from Burnie saw the story and he adds: The Lincolns had an English Marconi Transceiver with interchangeable 807's with front access. It also had pretty coloured knobs. He says “the American Bendix 5043 was a VHF transceiver, one of the earlier sets with peanut bottles (mini valves)”. Peter said “he serviced and installed many at ARDU in Mustangs etc. but these had top access”.


He said “I did a lot of research on the set due to its heating problems, particularly in the Mustangs on the strip at Woomera”.


He ended up replacing most of the 0.25watt resistors and condensers with 1watt units – which sorted out the problem.


Recommendations were made to Bendix America who were very pleased with the research, sending a big thank you to the ‘Egg Board’ and confirming ALL sets in future would carry said mods”.


He says “their Sqn/Ldr, a Roy Fairbank got W/Cdr and Ft/lt A Fisher made Sqn/Ldr, but he and his mates. Waller and Marsden stayed  ERKS”.



Murphy's Technology Law #1:

You can never tell which way the train went by looking at the tracks.





Douglas Barthelson sent us these photos, he has many more, and wonders if anyone can provide him with details on any of the girls, to which bases did they go, where did they work, where are they now….He doesn’t have all the names either, and would like to be able to fill in the blanks. If you can provide any details, please get in touch with us and we’ll pass it on. 


In the photo below, we have no names except for the girl in the front row, second from the left and then we only have her rank and surname. She is ACW Kennedy.  Can anyone name any of the girls??













Doug says he recently inherited a huge pile of photographs of people on the  following courses, TPRINOPS, TELSOPS, EDPOPS, SWITCHIES, TELEGS, CISCONS, and COMMSOPS.


He says, "Lots of marriages took place between a good number of technicans and operators over the years".


“There is a small group of us attempting to rename all the members in this pile of photographs and just maybe some of your members could help.”










L–R.    ACW Westbrook, ACW Armstrong.


A very modest elderly man was in the hospital for a series of tests.  One of the last tests had left his system upset.  Upon making several trips to the toilet, all of which were false alarms, he decided the latest call was just another false alarm and he stayed put.


Unfortunately, very soon afterwards, he completely lost control and filled his bed with human waste which embarrassed him beyond anything he could possibly face. Losing his presence of mind, he jumped up, gathered up all the bed sheets, and tossed the lot out the hospital window.


A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He started yelling, cussing, swinging his arms and jumping up and down wildly which left the soiled sheets in a tangled pile at his feet.  As the drunk stood there staring down at the sheets, a security guard who had watched the whole incident walked up and asked "What the hell was that all about?"


Still staring down, the drunk replied: "I dunno mate, but I think I just beat the sh*t out of a ghost!"



3 Radio Technician Course (Ground).


Col O’Brien sent us this photo which of number 3 RTC Radar Famil course, which he was on. The Course started on the 25th February 1957 and finished on the 17 July 1957. Col wonders how many of the blokes are still with us.  Does anyone know where any of the other blokes are these days??


3 Radio Technician Course


They are:-

Back row, L-R:  Cpl L Wright, Sgt J Chamberlain, Sgt B Garrick, Sgt N Dunn, Sgt C O’Brien, LAC  A Wright,

Front row, L-R:  LAC B Traci-Patti, Cpl P Millar, Cpl K Sutherland, Sgt J Blythman, Sgt J Kelly, Sgt A Barty, Cpl K Nuggent



Murphy's Technology Law #2:

Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe, and he'll believe you.

Tell him a seat has wet paint on it, and he'll have to touch it to be sure.



25 Appy.


This photo (below) was taken on Graduation Day 12 September, 1973, when 25 blokes from 25 Appy, known as the Frogs, finished their 2½ year slog at Laverton.


They are organising a reunion, and if you were on 25 Appy – you’d better be there or bring a note. More details as they come to hand.


Click on the photo to see the names.


25 Appy



Murphy's Technology Law #3:

The first myth of management is that it exists.



And Peter Munzenberger informs us that 24 Radio Apprentice Course is having a reunion in Nelson Bay in October this year. He says it will be interesting to see how much everyone has changed over the years. More details as they come to hand.


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