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      Where are they now?


John Broughton is looking for Keith Beardsmore who used to live in North Richmond and Dick Homewood who used to work on the Mirage’s Cyrano at Willytown,

 Peter Kensett


Geoff Forsyth is looking for Jim Lamprecht. During 1967/68, he was the Sgt RadTech at Base Support Flight (Geoff hasn’t said which base).  Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jim.



We're looking for Peter Kensett (right). Peter was on 41 RTC and ended up at Willytown working on the Mirages. After his discharge, which he was looking for about 6 months after joining, Pete lived in Toowoomba for a while but last we heard he was in the Nundah area of Brisbane. Can anyone help.




So Paddy asks Murphy: "Why do Scuba divers always fall backwards off their boats into the water?"

To which Murphy replies: "You thick shite - If they fell forwards they'd still be in the friggin boat"


Temora.Temora museum logo



Noel Hatfield sent us some photos of the recent flying day at Temora – 28 November. The photos were taken by Kevin Leslie and you can see them HERE




Retired Servicemen’s and women’s Superannuation


Australian veterans and defence services council seeks case studies to further dispute with government.


The Australian Veterans and Defence Services Council Inc (AVADSC), a national organisation whichAVADSC logo represents its member ex-service organisations, provides a forum for consideration of and, where necessary, joint representations on repatriation and conditions of service matters of importance and concern to the Defence and veteran communities. For many years the erosion of the superannuation benefits to retired service personnel has been a major source of concern, particularly the method of indexation, which has resulted in a decline of living standards of retired service personnel. A number of government enquiries have occurred to which the RSL, DFWA and AVADSC have made submissions. However, nothing has been changed and no progress has been made to adjust the declining situation.


AVADSC, in its submissions, has argued, amongst other issues, the uniqueness of military service highlighting that those who join the Defence Force commit to conditions distinct from other employment. The submissions have also highlighted that the readiness of the Defence Force is, and always has been, a critical factor that allows this country to grow its international standing with all the economic, political and social benefits that go with it.

 Army Logo

The regular Defence Force is the force at immediate readiness to meet government commitments and is custodian of the integrity and quality of the capabilities and values that have made it possible for governments to commit the Defence Force in ways that have advanced Australia’s national objectives. Also members of the Defence Force experience conditions of the military lifestyle that disadvantage them when compared with civilian employment whether private sector or the Public Service.


This contribution to an Australian lifestyle enjoyed by the general community and the disadvantages of military service, recognised by government studies over many decades, set the Defence Force apart from all others in the community. In view of this uniqueness of military service, AVADSC has argued that the superannuation provisions of defence personnel should be segregated from those in civilian employment whether in the private sector or the Public Service.


RAAF LogoHowever, despite the force of AVADSC and other submissions, nothing has been changed and the deterioration of the standard of living of retired service personnel continues to decline to the extent that many are now being forced to seek financial assistance from the safety net provided by social services. This is degrading to those who are forced to do this and is an inappropriate image of the outcome of Defence Force service. Hence, AVADSC and the other larger organisations of current and ex-military personnel have committed to continue the fight to achieve an improved standard of living of ex-military personnel. – all that is expected is that they will be able to live to a reasonable standard, not an unreasonable expectation of people who have served this country in its military services and one which places a true value on their worth.


To further its case with the Government, AVADSC is developing a portfolio of actual case studies without names but based on real people to demonstrate in each case the failure of retired pay to maintain quality of life standards.


The information we are seeking is:


  • Rank on discharge;RAN Logo

  • Number of years’ service;

  • Age on discharge;

  • Retired pay on discharge;

  • Current retired pay under military superannuation;

  • Employment and superannuation history after discharge;

  • Employment and superannuation history of spouse;

  • Home ownership factors, ie, whether still paying a mortgage;

  • Sources of income other than superannuation and social welfare;

  • Annual rate of pay for same rank in Defence Force;

  • Access to social welfare.

  • Children still living at home.


Accordingly, it would be appreciated if your organisation could distribute this request for case studies amongst your members or constituencies and request their consideration of it. Any queries or responses to this letter should be sent to


                        Doug Roser

                        C/o AVADSC

                        PO Box Q314

                        QVB Post Office

                        SYDNEY NSW 1230


                        Or you can EMAIL him.


We are encouraged in the merit of our argument for recognition of the unique circumstances of military service by an article in the respected UK weekly, The Economist, which states that there is ‘an argument for giving some public-sector workers, such as the police or the armed forces, higher pay and benefits in the form of pensions’.


Ian Crawford


National President



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