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There had been some talk about blokes who were exposed to radar/pulse equipment having more female children than male children and we were asked to run a survey to see if there was any truth in the ‘rumour’. So, last issue we asked the question and our results are below.


In all, we had 150 people respond to the survey, a good number as not all our readers were exposed to pulse radiation. Our survey resulted in a ratio of 53.98%/46.02% girls over boys whereas the Australian sex at birth ratio is 51%/49% boys over girls. (See ABS figures HERE)





SO!!!  It looks like the myth is confirmed – perhaps…..


While we were in Townsville recently, we spoke with several of the current working RAAF blokes, and it seems that today more and more RAAF jobs are being done by non-RAAF personnel, catering, security, aircraft maintenance work etc, all being done by contractors, (Qantas, Boeing etc now do most of the work which was done by enthusiastic airmen years ago). It seems to us that today’s RAAF aircraft maintenance blokes are only pre/after flighters and refuellers and even though there are a lot of RAAF personnel that never see an aeroplane up close, let alone work on one, it seems for those that do, job satisfaction just isn’t there anymore.


So, our question this time is, would you encourage one or more of your children to join the RAAF and go into one of the aircraft maintenance musterings. All that’s required is a simple YES/NO answer.


Go to the survey HERE.


Wife asks husband, "How many women have you slept with?"
Husband proudly replies, "Only you, Darling - with all the others I was awake."

Hospital Visiting Hours are 10 am to 4 pm



76 Sqn Williamtown, 1973.

John Broughton


Following the recent winding up of 35 Squadron, I was reminded of another nostalgic occasion when 76 Sqn was wound up by the then Labor government in its determination to reduce the armed forces. The slogan at the time emblazed across the hanger was that the Sqn “died in Labor”. Most of the airmen were dispatched to other Mirage Squadrons, the sworn competition, with a general reluctance on both sides.


Many took the opportunity to take a discharge and once again the RAAF was depleted of irreplaceable tradespeople and aircrew. I enjoyed my time at 76 Sqn, the spirit of camaraderie was encouraged by the CO “Nobby” Williams and the Eng O, Cyril Wetherall, both of whom were ahead of the game in terms of motivating the troops.


Aircrew and airmen alike mingled at the “hanger booze ups” which fostered great squadron empathy, not dissimilar to that experienced at the recent event in Townsville..


76 Sqn Williamtown, 1973

Run your mouse over photo to see names.

Or, if your computer won't allow that, you can get the names HERE



35 Sqn shirts.


The dress shirt (below) can now be ordered from John Sambrooks. They come in two colours, green and blue and are a good quality Bisley shirt. Cost is $50 each which includes postage. There are many sizes, ranging from small to XXXL.


35Sqn dress shirt


There are also a number of stubby holders available, these cost $10.00 each which includes post/pack. They have the “End of an Era” motif on one side and “Wallaby Airlines” on the other.

 End of an Era stubby holderEnd of an Era cap

He also has “End of an Era” caps, which are the same colour blue as the stubby holder and the RAAF Vietnam Veteran cap. These new caps have the “End of an Era” motif on the front in place of the RAAF Vietnam motif.


The caps cost $20.00 and if ordered alone, please add $6.00 for packaging and posting. If you order a cap along with one of the shirts, there is no need to add the additional $6.00. IE:  A shirt and cap costs $70.00 which includes postage and packaging.


To order, please ring Sambo on 0408 872 736. 



Lunch with Justice Kerr.

John Broughton


Justice Kerr at lunch in the Richmond Airmen's Mess


Justice John Kerr was looking in to the pay conditions of service personnel in about 1972 and as part of this review he visited several bases and met with various ranks. This photo, taken at the Airman’s Mess at Richmond, shows Dave Parker (President of the Airmen’s Club), Justice John Kerr and John Broughton (Vice President) having a mid day meal.


John Says, “We lined up for lunch with Aide de Comp’s et al and the cooks had arranged for John Kerr to have a “special meal” of steak and eggs etc and as we neared the servery I recall John Kerr inquiring as to what sort of meals the troops were eating (it was blatantly obvious that he was to receive special treatment). I thought, we can’t have this, so I grabbed a meal off some unsuspecting bloke and swapped it for the prepared meal that John Kerr was meant to have, this bloke thought it was great to have steak and eggs etc.


Well accompanying entourage (including the base O.C.) were ropeable, red faces all round as the usual meal was not as “special” as the hierarchy had hoped to portray. We then proceeded to the “booza” and a similar event occurred when John Kerr embarrassed the group by asking why the Airmen’s Club was not run (and funded) like a S/NCO’s or Officer’s Mess. (I was one of the head barmen at that time and tried to explain what ASCO was all about).


Interestingly, very shortly afterwards I was promoted and posted away from Richmond?


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