Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 23

Page 11

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Sick Parade






Bob Bergman  is not travelling all that well, doctors have found a few more cancerous cells in his lungs and he’s back in hospital – see more on page 17




Ernie Gimm has asked us to distribute a survey form (HERE) so he and others can try and put together a link to any health problems suffered by people who worked in RAAF comm. centres and/or in radio sections.


There have been many surveys started by others in the past but unfortunately, they passed away before their work could be completed.  Please have a serious look at this survey form, and if it concerns you, please fill it in and return to Ernie. 


John Broughton was admitted to Newcastle Private Hospital on Monday 5th May and had a major part of his thyroid removed. We spoke with him shortly after his release from hospital and believe it or not, John could hardly speak and when he did, his voice had gone very quiet – but we hear that it is only temporary.


John is doing it tough in the health stakes, apart from the thyroid problem, he has severe ear problems and is soon to enter hospital again for a major operation to try and fix the problem which resulted from being posted to Darwin many years ago, at a time when he was suffering from tropical ear.


John also suffers from diabetes and like a lot of others, gets no help from DVA.    Get well mate!!




Neil “Scotty” MacLachlan recently lost a leg as a result of suffering from that terrible disease, diabetics, a disease Scotty attributes to his time spent working on radio and/or radar equipment. He says his appeals to DVA for help keep falling on deaf ears and he strongly recommends everyone contribute to the survey (above) so perhaps DVA can be made to help.


Diabetes seems to be a very common disease suffered by ex com/radio bods – perhaps the survey will make the powers sit up and take notice.


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