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The First.


Number 10 RADTECH Conversion Course


Gil Lunn sent us this photo of 10RTC which was the first Radtech conversion course to commence at Laverton, after Radschool was moved from Ballarat to Melbourne.

This photo was taken in July 1961, outside Block 100


Rear L to R.  Neil Smith, Edwin (Taff) Jenkins, Noel Comley, Tony Bamberry, Jim Mewton, Gil Lunn,

Boyd Orr, Barry Grieve, Ian Macdonald.
Front L to R. Ron McKie, Derek Cartner, Cec Olsen, Tony Pitt, Norm Bickford, Bob Trafford, Wayne Leggett.


Ted Mac saw our mention of the passing of Bill Johnston in Vol 22, he writes:



L-R in the photo are:-   Bill, Alf Smith and Fred Robinson.

L-R Rear:-  Bill Johnston, Fred Robinson, Barry "Sluggo' Leany, Les Mackie. 

L-R Front:-  Ted McEvoy, Alf Smith

Further to your pic of Bill Johnston in the latest RAM.  I knew Bill before he became a Surface Finisher - he was at 86 Wing in the early 1960's and he, Fred Robinson, Alf Smith and I used to get together on many a night, in our room, to play a few rounds of 500. I came across the attached pic in my 1000's of pics.

The above photo of Bill was taken at Les Mackie's wedding in the mid-1960's.  I last caught up with Bill and Fred at a RTFV 35Sqn reunion at Coffs Harbour a while back. After the reunion, Bill gave me a lift up to Brisbane as I was staying with Alf and Sandra Smith. Bill was one of Nature's Gentlemen - he will be missed by many.


You're damn right there Ted - tb





We had the photo at left in Vol 21 and we knew all the blokes except one (arrowed). Graeme Benthein knew who he was, so the names are now:-


L-R:  Graeme Benthein, Nev Bleakley, John Glasson, Stew Ritchie, John Broughton, Peter Kensett, John Mathwin and Geoff Phillips




As you can read this magazine – you should thank a Primary School Teacher!


                   As you are reading it in English – you should thank the

Australian Defence Forces!!


2 Squadron Canberra.


FLGOFF Gavin Waldon, who is the Liaison Officer to the 2Sqn Association, has conveyed news which I’m sure will be pleasing to a lot.


The old Canberra, A84-235, which is currently ‘resting’ at the museum at RAAF Wagga, will be crated up and moved to RAAF Williamtown where it will be repainted in 2SQN colours and then placed either in front of the 2SQN Hangar or Headquarters.


(2Sqn was disbanded in July 1982 but was reformed at Williamtown in January 2000, and will fly the Air Force's designated Airborne Early Warning and Control Squadron’s Boeing 737 Wedgetail  aircraft)


Gavin is also seeking information on the handing over of the painting of Chloe, which was initially located in the SGT’S Mess at Phan Rang and which is now located at SGT’S Mess at Amberley.


Gavin is looking for information on the circumstances of the painting being relocated and any conditions which may have accompanied the handover of Chloe. 


If you have any info on Chloe please send it to Gavin, via us, at and we’ll pass it on.


In front of Chloe at the Sgt’s Mess at Amberley, back in March 2001, are:-


(L-R) Joe Ross, Mick Nicholls, Geoff Renshaw (deceased) and Alan Goulding.





Like Father, like son.



At the Brisbane 2008 post Anzac Day march ‘de-brief’ are (L-R) father and son Josh and Rob Meyer. Rob was an instrument fitter with the RAAF from the mid 60’s to the early 70’s and was with 35 Sqn in Vung Tau from June 69 to March 70.


Josh joined in June 2003, went to Wagga to be trained in the ‘new’ Avionics mustering, was posted to 36Sqn, went to the US to learn all about the C17 and is now back at Amberley working on the C17 as an avionics tech.


Click HERE to see the insides of a C17.












Air meets Ground


John Broughton (left) and Peter Mead.


John joined the RAAF from the PMG where he was a trainee technician. He passed the Mech’s trade test and was posted to Willytown as a Rad Mech (P). In 1967, after some 8 months at Willytown, he went to Laverton and joined 5RMT to learn the “Tech” side of things and ended up a Radtech (Air). John spent most of his time at Richmond (2AD & 38Sqn) and Willytown (76 Sqn & OCU).


In 1961 Peter went to Ballarat to join 23 Mech’s course then did his Tech conversion on 19 RTC at Laverton in 1963. Peter ended up a Radtech Ground and spent most of his Radtech time working on the CPN4 at Pearce, Williamtown and Butterworth. He was then accepted for a diploma course, spent 4 years at RMIT and changed over to engineering for the remainder of his 20 years service.


An English professor wrote the words, "Woman without her man is nothing" on the blackboard and directed his students to punctuate it correctly.


The males wrote: "Woman, without her man, is nothing."

The females wrote: "Woman! Without her, man is nothing."


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