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Get Together.


On the 2 May, 2009, the Telstechs had a reunion at the Laverton Sgt’s Mess. Neil Hunter and Julie Stewart sent us the following.


Julie Stewart, Pat Reynolds, Dianne Hoopert


Julie Stewart, Pat Reynolds, Dianne Hoopert.



This is the second year that Neil Hunter has successfully organized a Telstech reunion at RAAF Base Laverton, now known as RAAF Williams.  It was a fine turn up for the communications sector of days gone by.  Parade time was 1400hrs for blokes, blokettes and WRAAFettes at the Sergeant’s mess.  Nineteen turned up for the parade and marched on into the afternoon with a bunch of beers, buckets of wine and tons of nibblies to begin what was an enjoyable reunion.Neil Hunter


Neil Hunter was the ever entrepreneurial host to all who attended.  The camaraderie and mateship was ever present, as it always is at these special gatherings.  I personally, didn’t know anyone, all were before my time, (am I THAT old??) but I was made most welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the whole event.  Of course, I started off with a bottle of wine and shared a bunch of stories about our service careers with other WRAAFettes, as well as a bunch of lies and where we are now in our personal lives.


By 1600 hrs, Neil Hunter had changed hats from the entrepreneurial host to the ‘Gordon Ramsay’ chef.  He had the BBQ cranked up, the professional Chef’s apron on, ready for the sausage sizzle to feed the troops who remained for the duration for a few more beers, and undeniably discuss their adventures complimented with the company of the day.  Unfortunately,

I had to bid my farewell early to all, and left with the aroma of the sausage sizzle in my nostrils, the nostalgia of days gone by and comrades still in arms!




90 people get the Swine Flu and everybody wants to wear a mask.

A million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom.


Val Robinson and Ray Miles


Val Robinson and Ray Miles



I was thinking about re-entering the work force but gave that up after trying a new job.

Man, they were so strict at that job that I had to quit.

It was constantly: "No personal calls." "Don't surf the web."

"Put your pants back on."

I mean, who can work in an environment like that?


Col Arney and Dennis Bingham


Col Arney and Dennis Bingham.



Gary Anstis and Ken McDougall


Gary Anstis and Ken McDougall.



Ian Hughes and Brian Kennedy


Ian Hughes and Brian Kennedy.



Ian Curry and Dave Zilm


Ian “Ricey” Curry and Dave Zilm



Jeff Schoer


Jeff Schoer.


John Forrest


John Forrest


Roy Smeaton and Brian Carthew


Roy Smeaton and Brian “Lofty” Carthew



Kel and Pat Reynolds


Kel and Pat Reynolds.



A person who smiles in the face of adversity.....probably has a scapegoat.



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