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What you drive survey.



Chrysler Royal

Last issue we asked what type of car you drove, we received 59 replies and no surprises, Toyota was king with 20.3% of respondents owning one, followed by Holden and Ford with 15.3% each. Big surprise (to us) was Hyundai with only 3.4% of respondents owning one and Mitsubishi, which is now an importer, not a local manufacturer of cars, being owned by 10.2% of respondents.


No-one owned up to having a Suzuki, another surprise. We received some interesting responses, one such car driven by blokes and/or blokettes was a 1960 Chrysler Royal  – what a grand old machine.


The results are shown below.


Vol27 survey

This time we would like to know what you did after you were discharged. Did you continue on with the trade/profession/skill you were taught in the RAAF – or did you go into something completely different. We know a lot that didn’t stick with the RAAF training, some radio blokes we know became posties, some firemen, some bought a health food franchise, some went into teaching!!   Please tell us what you did and we’ll have the results in our next issue.


You can access the survey HERE






This magazine is normally non-political, and we would prefer to keep it that way, but the following two topics are scary and have to be debated.



1.   Man made global warming.


Why this notion is still being promoted by a majority of the media and by nearly all of the Government is bewildering when all the evidence clearly demonstrates that climate change has been occurring naturally since granny was a young girl. What is this ridiculous “Carbon pollution reduction scheme” that Penny Wong and Peter Garrett are spruiking – do they mean Carbon Dioxide PRS, if so, how is Carbon Dioxide a pollutant when without it there wouldn’t be any plant life?? 


The Government released a white paper in December 2008 that says, in part “As a hot and dry country, we have more to lose than any other developed nation if the world fails to reduce the carbon pollution that causes climate change”.


Where is all this carbon coming from??  Carbon Dioxide is not carbon!!  To say that, is to say a river is a great big chunk of flowing Hydrogen. We are being fed garbage and I’m fed up with it.Flannery


What really annoys me is that for so long so many people have made so much money peddling so much of this man made global warming crap…


Is the planet warming? – NO!,

Is the ice melting at the Poles? – NO!,

Is the sea level rising – YES,

Is it because of man made global warming? – NO


That opportunist, Tim Flannery, predicted, in 2004, that Perth would be a ghost town in a few years as it would completely run out of water. In 2005 he said that Sydney would be without water by 2007. In March 2007, he again said that Adelaide and Brisbane would be out of water by the end of that year, and he topped all that off by saying that the country was facing a ‘catastrophic’ situation.

“Even a year ago this would have been unthinkable”, he said, “I think it is the most extreme and dangerous situation arising from climate change facing any country in the world today” – and because of all his unquestioned scare mongering, he was made Australian of the Year.


CSIRO LogoIn 2003, that once wonderful and revered organisation, the CSIRO, predicted that Mt Hotham and Mt Buller would lose 25% of their snow by 2020. They added this amazing disclaimer to their report.


“The projections in this report are based on results from computer models that involve simplifications of real physical processes that are not fully understood. Accordingly, no responsibility will be accepted by CSIRO for the accuracy of the projections inferred from this report or for any person’s interpretations, conclusions or actions based on this information”.


Mt Hotham

One wonders why they would even release a prediction based on “simplifications of real physical processes”  that they didn’t understand. Doesn’t that just make it a guess??


Last year was a bumper snow year.


And, as for that sooth-sayer Ross Garnaut, a professor of economics, this government has engaged him to advise them on Global Warming, that’s like getting a Radtech to run L Group!!!!


What the hell is it all about???????




2.   Government Borrowings.


CashThe Prime Minister has advised that the Government is currently committing Australia to a “temporary” debt of $300 billion. Trouble is, all that money has to be repaid by you, me and by the rest of the country.


$300 billion is $300,000 million. The current 10 year Government bond rate is 4.67 per cent. If we look at repaying the loan over a 5, 10, 15 or 20 year period, and paying interest at that rate, it gets scary ... really scary.






The table above, using the PMT function in Excel, shows the monthly repayments for each of those periods. For a 10 year cycle, the monthly repayments on a $300 billion debt come to more than 3 billion dollars, every month, for 10 years.


That means we would pay $76 Billion (that’s $76,000,000,000) in interest over the 10 year period. And how does the Government raise this money – by taxes of course……and that’s the scary bit!!


And remember, this is a Government that just over 18 months ago had NO debt ... NO debt!!.


In fact it had enough money to create the Future Fund to pay the future liabilities of public servants' superannuation ... and it had enough to stick $20 billion into the Building Australia Fund last year.


We think the inmates are loose and running the show…….



It's easy to criticize, but if everybody hated you, you'd be paranoid, too.



P. DeJonge and J Griffiths



Peter DeJonge (“Stand to attention when I’m talking you lot, gimme some respect,

I was a Sir too you know”) and John Griffiths

at the post Anzac Day March debrief – 2009.





And from Allan George:


"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."




The Hostie.

Dick Hardcourt - Penang 1966


We received the following from Dick Harcourt who was with the RAF in Butterworth many moons ago. It is sure to bring back a lot of fond memories for blokes were up there in the 60's.


"I just read a note on the RAF Forum from Laurie Bean in Penang that the "Hostie" is no more!! The building and site has been cleared for redevelopment. For the many, and I certainly include myself and my wife Daphne, the Hostie introduced us to Penang and the Far East, waking up on our first day on the Island with its strange sights, sounds and smells.


With two young children we visited the Hostie Medical Centre many times with time always available to feast on the Hostie's Nasi Goreng.


Oh! Happy memories.


Long live the Hostie."



The Hostie in 1965


The Hostie in 1965.


The Hostie from the beach


The Hostie from the beach with tennis courts - 1965.


The Hostie in 1973


2003. The Hostie derelict and used for storing imported Ford cars

The Hostie - 2004




The Hostie - 2004




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