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Caribou Farewell.

 Caribou A4-204


John Sambrooks has confirmed that the dates for the Hangar Party and Farewell Parade for the Caribou will be held in Townsville from Thursday 5th November until Tuesday 11th November. The Melbourne Cup is on the 3rd November so it won’t clash.


If you are thinking of going, would you please download the RSVP form from HERE, fill it in and post it back to John Sambrooks at the address on the form.


John has ordered 50 plaques (see HERE).  32 have already been sold so if you want one, you had better hurry. You can also order caps and iron on  transfers, you can see what they look like HERE. Sambo reckons he's ironed one of the transfers onto a shirt and a tie, but as Keith Kinch reckons, "That's bullshite Sambo! When have you ever used an iron."


If you want to order any of these items, contact John by email johnsambrooks@optusnet.com.au


Seen in Dubai recently, so that’s what 38Sqn is up to…….



Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries

to rich people in poor countries.



Job Offer


We received the following from Noel Hadfield. He was approached by GSA, a recruiting company, which has aRainbow job they are trying to fill.  If you are not interested, perhaps you know someone who would be.


The job is with a Caulfield (Vic) based Aerospace Company which is seeking a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) to interface with their clients; the ADF and Government Aviation authorities. You can obtain a copy of the job description HERE


Further information can be obtained from:


Geoffrey Schmidt Associates (GSA)

Recruitment Specialist-Defence & Aerospace

Tel: 0418 210526 or (02)6255-8999 (AH)

ABN: 56 183 531 388



Why does "slow down" and "slow up" mean the same thing?’



John Elliott

Prisoner – John Elliott


During my time on pool (1963-64), waiting for a radtech course, I got called to the WOD's office (was his name Chalky White?) and was told, "AC Elliott, you live in Sydney?? Got a job for you, you are to take a prisoner to Sydney for discharge". Shite says I, do I get a gun and handcuffs???

(Now just for the record I'm about 5ft 6in and definitely not of the athletic type). “No” says the WOD, “you are escorting an apprentice to Sydney for discharge”


Albury railway station


Seems the story was that this lad had a long dalliance with a young lady on the base that just happened to be the daughter of a senior officer. I remember at Spencer Street station that a very nice young lady was there to see him off. I also seem to remember the trip to Sydney was memorable due the alcohol consumed.


His first act as the train pulled out of the station was to rip the Appy patches off his uniform and we then both proceeded to the bar for a drink. After a change of trains at Albury, I was able to convince the carriage train guard that I had a prisoner to escort (showed him the papers) and he let us have a "dog box" compartment to ourselves. I was also able to convince him that as there were a couple of navy boys on the train they could assist me. So the time between Albury and Sydney was one continuous game of cards and consumption of alcohol.


Does anybody remember who this person might have been (or were there so many young lads being tempted by the sins of the flesh).



41 RTC Get Together


These three blokes, who recently got together at lunch time, haven’t been together since 1967 when they left Radschool after completing 41 RTC, the last of the split radio Mech/Tech courses.


Years ago, they would have met in a pub and batted on until stumps – oh, how times have changed. This meeting was held in a Coffee Club – sad isn’t it???


Benthein, Benneworth and Gray


L-R:  Graeme Benthien, retired, living in Perth, West Australia

Trevor Benneworth, retired, living in Brisbane,

Laurie Gray, managing a group of Travel Agencies, living on the Gold Coast.



I went to a cemetery yesterday and saw four pall bearers walking around with a coffin.
Two hours later they were still walking around with it. Then I thought:

”These poor buggers have lost the plot!”





Noel Hadfield sent us some fantastic photos of the space shuttle Discovery. A lot of these photos have never been seen before and show the huge amount of preparation that goes on behind the scenes prior to each launch. If you want to see them (you will need PowerPoint) click HERE.  And if you want to see some fascinating information on the Space Station, click HERE



3ADKev Rosser


Kev Rosser says when he arrived at RAAF Amberley in 1967, 3AD consisted of two wooden framed hangars, one for Canberra E servicing and the other for Sabre E servicing.


The photo below shows two Sabres in a state of dismantle and was taken from the wing of a Canberra which had been put in the hangar due to the other hangar being chock full of Canberras which were in various stages of “in bits”.


At the time, 1967/68, Vietnam was in full swing and there was a big push for serviceable aircraft. Kev says, "I remember having to work right through 3 weekends in order to finish aircraft". 


(Unfortunately you don't see images like that below in the Air Force any more. This photo was taken back in the days when Air Force people fixed their own stuff and got a lot of satisfaction from the job. Today it's a lot like working in pitt lane, fill the tanks, check the oil and change the tyres - tb)


3AD Amberley


At the time the troops at 3AD radio were: 


Jeff Chapman (deceased)

Paul Thomas

Keith Lamb

Ken Winning

Chiller Sutton


Kev “Beastie” Bettiens

Blue Blinco

John Harris, and

Roy Dash (the angry ant)


James Rowland



The CO of 3AD at the time was the late (Sir) James Rowland. I remember him well,

as he awarded me with 14 days CB for having guns and ammo in my locker!





 Tough Life.


 If you've ever thought life was tough, this will really put things into perspective.  Click HERE




House with garage??


Only in Queensland – the Smart State!


Alien Fishing.


Bruce Jones sent us this, we reckon it’s one of the cleverest and funniest adds we’ve seen for a while. You can see it HERE 




You don't stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing.




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