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Where are they now


Where are they now?


Steve Hartigan advises the sad news that SQN LDR Clive F. Cotter has been placed on a morphine, barbituate drip to allow him to die without pain and with dignity. Clive, who was with 9 Sqn in Vietnam from March 1967 to March 68, is at home and will pass away there. Further details will be advised by Steve Cotter as they come to hand



Ian Champion is trying to find Chris Roberts, ex RadtechG as there is a 26 Appy reunion planned and Ian would like to ensure Chris knows about it. Chris was last heard of at 3CRU, and Ian believes he may have continued working at 3CRU as a civvie after he was discharged. If anyone knows of Chris' whereabouts and if he is interested in catching up with his old course mates would they ask him to contact Ian Champion via EMAIL


 Rob Montgomery


Jock Young is looking for Rob Montgomery (right), who was an electrician and when Jock knew him they were both with 38 Squadron. He used to live next door to Jock in Westmarket Street in Richmond. He was married and his wife’s name was Joan.


Jock thinks Rob would now be about 72-75.


Does anyone know of his whereabouts??





Ernie Gimm sent us this. He says:  “The following was received from Sol, the daughter of Bruce (Sticky) Gluyas, who is seeking input on his life in RAAF commuinications as a Teleg.  I spent time in Malaya with Bruce in 1960/62, at MTU, at Nui Dat 66/67 and later in Darwin in 77/79.  I last saw him as an Army Reserve Captain in the mess in Penrith in 1981.  Bruce passed away some 17 years ago of cancer. I have passed this on to Sol but Bruce was a bit of a legend in his time and I'm sure that there are stories out there that would gladden his daughter's heart. Below is her plea......


Dear Sir/Madam,  I am seeking information about my father Bruce Edward Gluyas. Dad was born in Young NSW on October the 30th 1926, he joined the Air Force at the age of 20 and stayed for 32 years, he worked in communications. In 1960 we, his wife Shirley, daughter Yvonne, son Colin and myself (at the time known as Cheryl) were posted to Penang, we returned to Australia about 2 years 8 months later and were sent to Windsor NSW. Shortly after this, Dad was given a posting to Werribee Vic, my mother refused to continue moving which resulted in us losing our father. At one time when I was about 14 dad came down from Darwin where he was then working and took my mother to court to try and get custody of me, I wasn't allowed to attend and was given no choices,


I stayed with my mother who shortly after sent me to work on a dairy farm near Lismore. At the age of 17 I hitch hiked to Melbourne as I heard that my father was back in Werribee, rang the sergeants' mess and found him. He found me accommodation and I stayed in the area for 6 months or so. After that I lost touch with him for a few years, he was in Vietnam and Darwin while I drifted.. After my grandmother died my father transferred to the department of defence in Canberra so he could be near to Young to help my grandfather on his property. As I was now living in Sydney I was able to see him quite often as I went to the property at least every shearing season to help him, this was made very difficult due to his current wife's jealousy and her attempts to keep him away from his family.


Dad was extremely proud of his R.A.A.F days and had his medals and other memento's displayed on a wallLaverton north gate chart he had made. By this time he had inherited his father's property. Dad rang me one day to let me know that doctors had found a 'shadow' on his lung, I went to stay in Canberra where he was in hospital, after an operation he was sent home but was so badly looked after that he soon ended up in a hospice in Young where his wife was banned from visiting him as she continually argued with him and hindered his progress. I went and stayed in a hotel in Young so I could visit with him. Some how his wife managed to get him transferred back to Canberra hospital from where she managed to sell our family property and bought a house in Tickera SA about 100 kms from Adelaide. SA family law differs from NSW, she hired a private plane and flew him to SA on Christmas Eve where he died on January the 4th isolated and alone apart from his wife.


His wife rang me at about 4am to tell me he had died, she had him buried two days later, I was not able to attend his funeral as I had two small children and no way of getting there with such short notice and no money, I am not happy about him being buried in SA, have never been there and don't know where he is, he shouldn't be there, he had no association with SA and is left there alone as his wife sold that house soon afterwards and moved to Melbourne. Ideally I want him moved to Young NSW where he was born and all of his relatives are buried.


Why I am writing to you is that I know hardly anything about him, His wife passed no information, mementos, medals, photos of what he achieved. I miss him so much and regret not having more time to talk to him, every day I worry about him and think about him. Time doesn't help or heal, it is 17 years since he died and I need to know what he achieved and where he went while working for the RAAF, I feel that no-one cares about his life or what he did, my son cares but I don't know much about his Air Force life to pass on any information.


Thank you - Sol Gluyas


If you can help, direct your mails here and we will pass them on. - tb




Bob Richards was on 62 RTC in 1972-74 and is looking for Warrant Officer Nothard, Ron Baker, John Farrer and Peter Haddow from Radschool days. He’s also wishing to make contact with Ted Morley. Can anyone help. 



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