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Neil Hunter advises that one of the Djinning Association’s original members, Jim Roddy passed away on the 7th May 09. No further details are known.  Jim will be sadly missed by all of his mates.




Kerry Harrington advises that Jim Tanzer passed away in December 2008. No further details at hand.




John (Trackless) Millsom has passed on the sad news that Alan Francis Field died on Wednesday the 8th April. Alan fell ill on the 7th April, in Hervey Bay and his brother, Charlie, took him to the local hospital butLuscombe field Alan died the next day. He died 2 days short of his 71st birthday.


His funeral was held in Yeppoon (Qld) on the 16 April.


Alan was a Flt Lt with 35 Sqn in Vung Tau from August 1969 to July 1970 and was involved in one of the biggest exercises of its kind involving Australians. 100 soldiers of No. 3 Special Air Service Squadron were parachuted into open territory about nine miles due west of Nui Dat. Alan, with his co-pilot, Sqn Ldr Stewart Mitchell (the Sqn CO), made 5 trips from Luscombe field (Nui Dat) over a 3 hour period, ferrying the soldiers to the drop zone.




Laurie Lindsay got in touch, he says, “I am sorry to be spreading the sad news that Bob Holsken hasBob Holsken passed away. His son, Brandon, informed us that Bob died as a result of a heart attack on Tuesday 5 May, 2009, but had not been discovered until the following Friday, 8 May. His very well attended funeral was held on Friday 15th May (the day after his 65th birthday) at Miami on the Gold Coast.


Glen Gould and Peter Jupp organised a wake for Bob at the Mitcham RSL in Melbourne on Saturday, 16 May, to reflect on Bob and his achievements and of course his many exploits.


Bob, who was born in The Hague in the Netherlands, and immigrated to live in Darlington, South Australia, joined the RAAF in 1961 and was posted to Laverton as a radio apprentice (15 Course) and graduated in August 1963 as a Radtech ground. In 1964 he was accepted for Number 10 Engineering Diploma Course and was posted to Frognall but had a minor problem with Maths and didn’t pass the course and was sent back to the field.


He was posted to Vung Tau in June 1966 and on his return to Australia in 1967 he again applied for the diploma course and was accepted onto No. 11A Engineering Course and subsequently completed a diploma in radio engineering.


Bob Holsken - Vung Tau

He was commissioned on 1 Jan 69 and eventually became the CO of 501 Wing at Amberley. He retired as Group Captain at Amberley in 1998 after spending 37 years in the service.


Left:  Bob, at the Communications Centre in Vung Tau, 1966.


As Glen Gould says, “No one could ever say that Bob was a complacent and/or a compliant person - he was, in the true sense of the word, one who lived and loved life to the fullest”.


Laurie Lindsay, who remembers him as being a bloody nice bloke, has sent us part of the handout that was given out at Bob’s funeral. You can download a copy HERE. It's a big file and will take a few minutes to download.


He will be missed by many.




Steve Hartigan advises:


  • The passing of Allan Costello on the 23rd April. Steve says the Costello family do not want details of the funeral to be published at this stage. We extend our condolences to Allan’s surviving family.


  • The passing of Joe Vellacott on the 25th May. Joe’s funeral was held in Boonah Qld on the 28th May. Our condolences and thoughts go out to Joe’s surviving family.


  • Bill Allardyce was a groundy at 9 Sqn at Amberley in the 1970’s, before taking a commission to be a RAAF Pilot. Bill had an ongoing battle with cancer over the past 6 years and sadly passed away peacefully on Saturday 27 June in Canossa Private Hospital, Oxley (Qld) accompanied by his wife Nicky. At this stage there are no further details available.




Ernie Gimm advises, with regret, the following information.  Margaret Eagles, late of High Wycombe, WA, passed away on Wednesday evening 27th May 2009.  Her funeral cortege assembled at the main entrance of Karrakatta Cemetery for a cremation service on Friday 5th June.




Allan Quick

Val Robinson has advised us that Allan Quick (right) died on the 12th June from a heart attack. His funeral was held on Tuesday 16th June at the Crematorium Chapel, Dohertys Road, Altona, (Vic). Val says, as he understands it, Allan recently had a medical check up and was given the all clear. He was a Sergeant Rad Tech G at ARDU in 1969 and was commissioned sometime in the early 70s.  His wife, Helen, died a couple of years ago. 


Ernie Gimm says of Allan, “I first met Alan and his wife (now deceased), in Butterworth as RADO then SRADO in 77-80 and it was only in Feb last year that my wife and I were enjoying a few beers with him at the Ballarat reunion.  All that knew Allan were aware that he was a firm believer in keeping fit and was a keen runner, however, he never let this interfere with having a good time and was looking forward to his years in retirement in Altona close to his family.  Allan, whether as a boss or friend, always had a smile on his face and was bright and cheerful company.  With a bubbling personality, he always enjoyed a good laugh and inevitably saw the positive side of life.  Allan will be sadly missed by all whose paths he crossed.




Denis Roles advises that Thomas Clyde Hughes passed away on Monday 22 June at Townsville Hospital. Clyde was an outstanding aircraft metalworker who repaired many a 9 Sqn Iroquois. He had service in Korea and Malaya in the Army, he then joined RAAF and was posted to Ubon and then back to Aust and 9 Sqn at Amberley


He had battled the dreaded C for the past couple of years and in his imitable style wouldn't let it beat him, however he finally succumbed.


Clyde’s veterans tribute funeral was held on Tuesday 30th Jun at Willowbank Lawn Cemetery Ipswich and was followed by a wake at the Brothers Leagues Club, Ipswich.


Rest in peace mate. Tony Svensson




Mark Svensson advises that his father, Tony Svensson, passed away peacefully in the UK on the 29 June 2009, aged 78 yrs.




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